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            技術文章您的位置:網站首頁 >技術文章 >人殺傷細胞免疫球蛋白樣受體(KIR)試劑盒簡介


            發布時間:2022-08-08   點擊次數:122次



            This package insert must be read in its entirety before using this product.





            This KIR ELISA kit is intended Laboratory for Research use only and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. The Stop Solution changes the color from blue to yellow and the intensity of the color is measured at 450 nm using a spectrophotometer. In order to measure the concentration of KIR in the sample, this KIR ELISA Kit includes a set of calibration standards. The calibration standards are assayed at the same time as the samples and allow the operator to produce a standard curve of Optical Density versus KIR concentration. The concentration of KIR in the samples is then determined by comparing the O.D. of the samples to the standard curve.



            Serum - Use a serum separator tube and allow samples to clot for two hours at room temperature or overnight at 4 before centrifugation for 20 minutes at approximately 1000×g. Assay freshly prepared serum immediately or store samples in aliquot at -20 or -80 for later use. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

            Plasma - Collect plasma using EDTA or heparin as an anticoagulant. Centrifuge samples for 15 minutes at 1000×g at 2-8 within 30 minutes of collection. Remove plasma and assay immediately or store samples in aliquot at -20 or -80 for later use. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

            Tissue homogenates - For general information, hemolysis blood may affect the result, so you should rinse the tissues with ice-cold PBS (0.01M, pH=7.4) to remove excess blood thoroughly. Tissue pieces should be weighed and then minced to small pieces which will be homogenized in PBS (the volume depends on the weight of the tissue. 9mL PBS would be appropriate to 1 gram tissue pieces. Some protease inhibitor is recommended to add into the PBS.) with a glass homogenizer on ice. To further break the cells, you can sonicate the suspension with an ultrasonic cell disrupter or subject it to freeze-thaw cycles. The homogenates are then centrifugated for 5minutes at 5000×g to get the supernate.

            Cell culture supernates and other biological fluids - Centrifuge samples for 20 minutes at 1000×g. Remove particulates and assay immediately or store samples in aliquot at -20 or -80 for later use. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

            Note:  The samples shoule be centrifugated dequately and no hemolysis or granule was allowed.



            1.  37 ℃ incubator

            2.  Standard microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450 nm

            3.  Precision pipettes, disposable pipette tips and Absorbent paper

            4.  Distilled or deionized water



            All reagents provided are stored at 2-8°C. Refer to the expiration date on the label.



            96 determinations

            48 determinations




            STANDARD6 vial



            SAMPLE DILUENT






            WASH SOLUTION



            SUBSTRATE A



            SUBSTRATE B



            STOP SOLUTION



            Closure plate membrane



            User manual



            Sealed bags




            1.  Standard concentration was followed by: 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25 ng/mL.

            2.  If samples generate values higher than the highest standard, please dilute the samples with Sample Diluent and repeat the assay.



            1. Do not substitute reagents from one kit lot to another. Standard, conjugate and microtiter plates are matched for optimal performance. Use only the reagents supplied by manufacturer.

            2. Allow kit reagents and materials to reach room temperature (20-25°C) before use. Do not use water baths to thaw samples or reagents.

            3. Do not use kit components beyond their expiration date.

            4. Use only deionized or distilled water to dilute reagents.

            5. Do not remove microtiter plate from the storage bag until needed. Unused strips should be stored at 2-8°C in their pouch with the desiccant provided.

            6. Use fresh disposable pipette tips for each transfer to avoid contamination.

            7. Do not mix acid and sodium hypochlorite solutions.

            8. Serum and plasma should be handled as potentially hazardous and capable of transmitting disease. Disposable gloves must be worn during the assay procedure, since no known test method can offer complete assurance that products derived from Rat blood will not transmit infectious agents. Therefore, all blood derivatives should be considered potentially infectious and good laboratory practices should be followed.

            9. All samples should be disposed of in a manner that will inactivate viruses.

            10. Liquid Waste: Add sodium hypochlorite to a final concentration of 1.0%. The waste should be allowed to stand for a minimum of 30 minutes to inactivate the viruses before disposal.

            11. Substrate Solution is easily contaminated. If bluish prior to use, do not use.

            12. Substrate B contain 20% acetone, keep this reagent away from sources of heat or flame.

            13. Remove all kit reagents from refrigerator and allow them to reach room temperature ( 20-25°C).



            Wash Solution (1X) - Dilute 1 volume of Wash solution (20X) with 19 volumes of deionized or distilled water. Wash Solution is stable for 1 month at 2-8°C.


            1.  Prepare all reagents before starting assay procedure. It is recommended that all Standards and Samples be added in duplicate to the Microtiter plate.

            2.  Add 5l of Standard or Sample to the appropriate wells. Blank well doesnt add anyting.

            3.  Add 10l of Enzymeconjugate to standard wells and sample wells except the blank well, cover with an adhesive strip and incubate for 60 minutes at 37°C.

            4.  Wash the Microtiter Plate 4 times.

            Manual Washing - Remove incubation mixture by aspirating contents of the plate into a sink or proper waste container. Using a squirt bottle, fill each well completely with Wash Solution (1X), then aspirate contents of the plate into a sink or proper waste container. Repeat this procedure for a total of four times. After final wash, invert plate, and blot dry by hitting plate onto absorbent paper or paper towels until no moisture appears. Note: Hold the sides of the plate frame firmly when washing the plate to assure that all strips remain securely in frame.

            Automated Washing - Aspirate all wells, then wash plates four times using Wash Buffer (1X). Always adjust your washer to aspirate as much liquid as possible and set fill volume at 350μL/well/wash. After final wash, invert plate, and blot dry by hitting plate onto absorbent paper or paper towels until no moisture appears.

            5.  Add Substrate A 50μl and Substrate B 50μl to each well. Gently mix and incubate for 15 minutes at 37°C. Protect from light.

            6.  Add 50μl Stop Solution to each well. The color in the wells should change from blue to yellow. If the color in the wells is green or the color change does not appear uniform, gently tap the plate to ensure thorough mixing.

            7.  Read the Optical Density (O.D.) at 450 nm using a microtiter plate reader within 15 minutes.



            1. This standard curve is used to determine the amount in an unknown sample. The standard curve is generated by plotting the average O.D. (450 nm) obtained for each of the six standard concentrations on the vertical (X) axis versus the corresponding concentration on the horizontal (Y) axis.

            2. First, calculate the mean O.D. value for each standard and sample. All O.D. Values are subtracted by the mean value of the balnk well before result interpretation. Construct the standard curve using graph paper or statistical software.

            3. To determine the amount in each sample, first locate the O.D. value on the Y-axis and extend a horizontal line to the standard curve. At the point of intersection, draw a vertical line to the X-axis and read the corresponding concentration.

            4. Any variation in operator, pipetting and washing technique, incubation time or temperature, and kit age can cause variation in result. Each user should obtain their own standard curve.

            5. Intra-assay CV(%) is less than 10% and Inter-assay CV(%) is less than 15%.

            6. Assay range: 0.25 ng/mL – 8 ng/mL.

            7.  Sensitivity: The minimum detectable dose of Human KIR is typically less than 0.1 ng/mL.

            8.  Cross-reactivity: This assay recognizes recombinant and natural Human KIR. No significant cross-reactivity or interference was observed.

            9.  Storage: 2-8℃ (Use frequently); six months (-20℃)。

            10.  Standard curve














            試劑盒采用雙抗體一步夾心法酶聯免疫吸附試驗(ELISA)。往預先包人殺傷細胞免疫球蛋白樣受體KIR)捕獲抗體的包被微孔中,依次加入標本、標準品、HRP標記的檢測抗體,經過溫育并徹底洗滌。用底物TMB顯色,TMB在過氧化物酶的催化下轉化成藍色,并在酸的作用下轉化成最終的黃色。顏色的深淺和樣品中的人殺傷細胞免疫球蛋白樣受體KIR)呈正相關。用酶標儀在450nm 波長下測定吸光度(OD 值),計算樣品濃度。



            1.  血清將收集于血清分離管的全血標本在室溫放置2小時或4過夜,然后1000×g離心20 分鐘,取上清即可,或將上清置于-20-80保存,但應避免反復凍融。
            2.  血漿EDTA或肝素作為抗凝劑采集標本,并將標本在采集后的30分鐘內于2-8 1000×g離心15分鐘,取上清即可檢測,或將上清置于-20-80保存,但應避免反復凍融。
            3.  組織勻漿:用預冷的PBS (0.01M, pH=7.4)沖洗組織,去除殘留血液(勻漿中裂解的紅細胞會影響測量結果),稱重后將組織剪碎。將剪碎的組織與對應體積的PBS(一般按1:9的重量體積比,比如1g的組織樣品對應9mLPBS,具體體積可根據實驗需要適當調整,并做好記錄。推薦在PBS中加入蛋白酶抑制劑)加入玻璃勻漿器中,于冰上充分研磨。為了進一步裂解組織細胞,可以對勻漿液進行超聲破碎,或反復凍融。最后將勻漿液于5000×g離心5~10分鐘,取上清檢測。

            4.  細胞培養物上清或其它生物標本:1000×g離心20分鐘,取上清即可檢測,或將上清置于-20℃或-80℃保存,但應避免反復凍融。




            1. 酶標儀(450nm

            2. 高精度加樣器及槍頭:0.5-10uL、2-20uL、20-200uL、200-1000uL

            3. 37℃恒溫箱

            4. 蒸餾水或去離子水










































            1.  標準品濃度依次為:8、4、2、1、0.5、0.25 ng/mL

            2.  經過大量正常標本檢驗,標本的正常濃度值均在試劑盒提供的檢測范圍內,實驗過程中直接取50μL樣本上樣即可。當有部分樣本值超過最大標準品濃度時,可用樣本稀釋液將標本進行適當稀釋后再進行實驗。



            1. 嚴格按照規定的時間和溫度進行溫育以保證準確結果。所有試劑都必須在使用前達到室溫20-25℃。使用后立即冷藏保存試劑。

            2. 洗板不正確可以導致不準確的結果。在加入底物前確保盡量吸干孔內液體。溫育過程中不要讓微孔干燥掉。

            3. 消除板底殘留的液體和手指印,否則影響OD值。

            4. 底物顯色液應呈無色或很淺的顏色,已經變藍的底物液不能使用。

            5. 避免試劑和標本的交叉污染以免造成錯誤結果。

            6. 在儲存和溫育時避免強光直接照射。

            7. 平衡至室溫后再打開密封袋以防水滴凝聚在冷板條上。

            8. 任何反應試劑不能接觸漂白溶劑或漂白溶劑所散發的強烈氣體。任何漂白成分都會破壞試劑盒中反應試劑的生物活性。

            9. 不能使用過期產品。

            10. 如果可能傳播疾病,所有的樣品都應管理好,按照規定的程序處理樣品和檢測裝置。







            1.  從室溫平衡20min后的鋁箔袋中取出所需板條,剩余板條用自封袋密封放回4℃。

            2.  設置標準品孔和樣本孔,標準品孔各加不同濃度的標準品50μL;

            3.  樣本孔待測樣本50μL;空白孔不加。

            4.  除空白孔外,標準品孔和樣本孔中每孔加入辣根過氧化物酶(HRP)標記的檢測抗體100μL,用封板膜封住反應孔,37℃水浴鍋或恒溫箱溫育60min。

            5.  棄去液體,吸水紙上拍干,每孔加滿洗滌液350μL,靜置1min,甩去洗滌液,吸水紙上拍干,如此重復洗板5次(也可用洗板機洗板)。

            6.  每孔加入底物A、B50μL,37℃避光孵育15min。

            7.  每孔加入終止液50μL,15min內,在450nm波長處測定各孔的OD值。






            1.  檢測范圍0.25 ng/mL  8 ng/mL。

            2.  靈敏度:檢測濃度小于0.1 ng/mL。

            3.  特異性:不與其它可溶性結構類似物交叉反應。

            4.  重復性:板內變異系數小于10% ,板間變異系數小于15% 。





            1. 最終的實驗結果與試劑的有效性、實驗者的相關操作以及當時的實驗環境密切相關,請務必準備充足的標本備份。

            2. 不同批次的同一產品可能會有少許差別,如:檢測限、靈敏度以及顯色時間等,請依據試劑盒內說明書進行實驗操作,網站電子版說明書僅作參考。

            3. 只有全部使用本試劑盒配套試劑才能保證檢測效果,不能混用其他制造商的產品。只有嚴格遵守本試劑盒的實驗說明才會得到最佳的檢測結果。

            4. 本公司只對試劑盒本身負責,不對因使用該試劑盒所造成的樣本消耗負責,請使用者使用前充分考慮到樣本的可能使用量,預留充足的樣本。

            5. 使用化學裂解液制備的組織勻漿或細胞提取液可能會由于某些化學物質的引入導致ELISA實驗結果偏差。

            6. 若樣本為細胞培養上清,因該類樣本干擾因素較多,如:細胞狀態、細胞數量、采樣時間等,所以可能存在檢測不出的情況。

            7. 某些天然蛋白或重組蛋白,包括原核及真核重組蛋白,可能因為與本產品所使用的檢測抗體及捕獲抗體不匹配,而不被檢測出。





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