Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow 2017 - 1

Ofcourse we had a weather alarm, as snow and icy roads were expected.
Nevertheless one of my daughters had bought a large wardrobe closet for her room and needed one of her brothers to bring it from here to her room, which is in another town. She had arranged the car of one of our friends, which was large enough.
Yeea...but there was a restriction: no ice or snow.

We woke up in a white world, with a nasty, piercing cold and it was almost impossible to leave the neighbourhood on foot.
We all were sorry for our daughter, but there was no furniture transport.

The day wasn't wasted though. She made some beautiful pictures which gave me the idea to write some poems inspired by her photos and make booklets.
I think we can make something beautiful, so we have to think carefully about this idea.

It was the first saturday we didn't go for groceries, but had coffee and a kind of lazy day.
Ofcourse moms never have lazy days. Laundry, kids, the dishes... To be honest, I really missed walking a lot, as we do on saturdays, but it was nice to look outside and enjoy the wonderful world.
I love snow. But hey...there's no need for me to drive a car.



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