Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year ! 2017 !

Happy New Year!!

I wish all my readers a wonderful year in all aspects.
I hope people are able to develop themselves into better beings, with respect for others and nature.

We had a strange day yesterday.
Went for the last shopping and wanted to go to watch a traditional goodbye of the year, Carbid shooting, but there was a weather alarm for slippery roads and as we needed to drive on top of the dykes to get there we decided not to go.

Then my oldest called that he had hurt himself when he walked outside the house. He tried for ice on the road and it wasn't slippery but a few steps further and he smacked down. I was worried all day, but it turned out he was only badly bruised and scratched.

In the evening we first went to visit our autistic son who lives in another town and who doesn't like to leave his house during the change of years.
Then we went to fetch the oldest and the rest was either at home or arrived in time.

After the change of years we went outside to visit friends in the street behind ours. Wished them all the best and went to the house were we've been the past years to have a small drink and a talk with other friends. They were not at home, so it felt a bit strange.
There was such loud noise of fireworks and such a lot fireworks. More than I've even heard and seen before.
And the stench!! It was misty, so it couldn't go anywhere. Buh.

At home we toasted on the change of years of Scotland. It's a tradition in our house, to commemorate my father's RAF years during WW2.

After sitting and talking for a while we drove our oldest home. It was mysty, but had we been 15 minutes later we would have had problems seeing where we were going.
Now we arrived home safe and sound.
I tidied the room a bit.... and then everybody was off to sleep and I couldn't sleep.

During the night, until 5.30 we heard fireworks. I don't understand it wasn't stopped by the police, because it's allowed until 2 hours.

Well, the year has started....



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