Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking back on 2016

I've tried life without blogging.
Now I'm ready to be back again on a daily or at least 3 times a week basis.

Thank you all who had enough patience to stay with me.

Last year has been a strange year.

So much has happened, and more is going to happen next year.
Starting with being alone, without partner, from half January on.
I will experience difficulty, relief and a lot of other emotions.

Last year I tried to find my university friend, but got no reply until last month.
Turned out he was in a marriage with a very jealous woman and didn't want our friendship to be thrown overboard by her behaviour.
It was great to meet him again after 20 years. It didn't take even 20 seconds to know we could take up or friendship.
Just weeks before he and his wife split up, so he's going through a lot of the same: finding himself and a new way of living.

I've had far more time to get used to the idea of being on myself, so I feel far more relaxed about it, even though all the administration, like taxes and applying for grants gets to me.

Because I lost almost all social life I decided to join the national heart society and they can use me for talks in hospital. I also got the opportunity to work with students again. It was just for a morning, but I loved it to bits (as expected), and I was asked to join the team next year if enough funding is available (which is always a question...).

The kids are all grown up now.
The two oldest boys are living in their own apartments, the next one is still at home (and needs a job), and the autistic son is living in a protected environment. I'll write about him at another time, because far too much has happened.
The girls are realizing their dreams.
One has finally been admitted to the dance academy. She has her own room in the next city, but lost her job, so we're now a bit afraid she will get financial troubles.
The other is in her last year of nursing school. She's got a chronic muscle disease and is struggling, but she now has practical training at a home where they love her to bits. She hoped she can stay after graduating and plans to buy a little house nearby the home.

My health is up and down. We found out the extreme tiredness and the numbness in the extremities might be due to vitamin deficiencies. So I felt improvement, but I'm still dealing with the exhaustion many heart patients have to deal with.
Due to the negligence of the second cardiologist I also suffer from renal insufficiency. So that doesn't help to feel well.

But I'm still me.
And I feel the new year is full of promisses.

My dream is still to live in Scotland, but with all the Brexit todo I doubt if it'll ever happen. So I'm looking for the opportunity to live near the sea. It's the place where I love to be, whether it's in Scotland or here.

2016 has been a year of fighting for my health and I've decided 2017 is the year of being me.

So let's go on that journey and try to enjoy it.

Have a good change of years!!