Friday, March 11, 2016


So today I had an appointment with our GP. This time for me.

After 5 weeks of twice a week a B12 shot I feel some improvement. The tingling in my fingers has disappeared, they feel less numb, and the toes of my left feet show some feeling again. I feel a bit more energy and less brainfog. Also my eyesight is more stable and there are less blurry episodes.
So that's great!

The protocols of treatment in different countries are different.
In The Netherlands they're mainly 3 to 5 years behind, because medics are not always aware of developments abroad, and we have the culture of wanting to proof things ourselves. So even when there is enough proof in America and England the Dutch are suprised and start a pilot study, done by students. When that shows the expected results, more research is done before the protocol is changed.

After a discussion on monday for my daughter's treatment, I didn't expect any flexibility.
He said before: 5 weeks with 2 shots a week and after that shots with wider intervals, so I was prepared to talk against a stubborn man.

Instead he asked me what I wanted: "another series of shots twice a week, because the neurological symptoms show some improvement and the improvement hasn't stopped".
"So you want us to follow your protocol", he said with a smile.
"It's not MY protocol!! It's in writings of the GP organisation itself, already in 2010 or 2012... but I doubt if someone has seen it."
"Is that true?"
"If I want to tell your stories, I'll come by after working hours, so you can doze off..." And I smiled.

"OK, we'll do that.... the 5 weeks, I mean."

I was so amazed!

Then I asked? "And how about magnesium to the D?"
He doesn't know anything about it, so he said "no".
So I told him why it is important to take magnesium when you take vitamin D, and K2, which is in my case, with my heartmedication, not a wise thing to do.
He said "no".
So I talked more, about scientific research I've been reading, and ended: "so you see it's important to know about this part of medical treatment.
You know, I can go over the border, buy magnesium for a few euro's en take it without you knowing.
I said I would play the healthgame open as long as you would seriously consider my proposals."
"Would you buy...?"
"Yes, why not? I know what to take and what not, so why not take a few euro and do cheap shopping and take what I want from the shelves in the supermarket there.....?
"So what do we do?"
"Next time?" He said with a smile and a twinkling in his eyes.
"Gotcha, next time it is."
"And in the meantime you write me an overview article about the area."

So it was like in the old days.
We used to be friends and collegues and he regularly asked me to give my scientific opinion about a subject.
I provided him with a good overview so he wouldn't have to spend too much time on studying scientific literature.

I left with a joke and a smile.
He joked too and we all had a good laugh.

So 5 weeks of shots it is.....



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