Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday 5: Therapy

1. How is a therapeutic shower or bath different from a utilitarian shower or bath?

I think you mean that there is a difference between taking a quick shower and taking the time to enjoy the experience.
Well, in fact I have hardly the time to shower.
But I always make a choice from my row of showergels, now my skin is getting so dry.
So even when it's a few minutes for the whole thing I'll have a nice smell afterwards.

2. What are your therapy foods? Do you have different kinds of therapy foods for different kinds of emotional situations?

I love blueberries, applepie and such. I don't have different foods for different emotions.
Often I don't have foods, so it's just coffee.

3. What physical activities are especially therapeutic?

Ballet is my best therapy. But alas. I can't do what I want to do due to my heartproblems.
But I can do Tai Chi. I like that too, but I can put less creativity in it.

4. When seeking the company of others for therapy, is it better to talk about the issue that’s causing you stress, or to talk about anything else?

Everything that diverts the attention is OK. That's why retail therapy has such a good influence on people (even though not on their wallet).
Some issues can't be solved, so it's OK for me to talk about other things, and best is: humor.

5. Sometimes therapy is about maintenance, not crisis. What regular activities do you pursue for therapeutic maintenance?

*** sigh ***. Oh yes, there is some maintenance to do, but there's not enough time.
I would love to have a dog. A beagle. But buying one is far more expensive than a year ago. So I don't see that happen in the near future, even though I keep a close watch on the rescue dogs.
I love gardening, but the fun has been taken out of that last year too.
So I go for a coffee to a friend, try to blog a bit, watch some TV.
I also would like to make more music, but I don't want to disturb the neighbours and make things for the dollhouses I have.

Have a great weekend.

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