Sunday, February 7, 2016

Undercover uncovered

Being a journalist is sometimes great fun.
In the past I've had some interesting meetings, and now my son is a journalist too, we can share our stories.

Last week he attended an emergency call.
When he arrived nothing was the matter.
Some policemen were talking with children about something they might have seen.

So he decided not to take photos, as there was no real story.
Just at the moment when he decided to go home, two men approached him.
They showed him their police identity cards and told him they were undercover and wanted to know what he was doing there.

So they talked a bit and then he went.

Straight to me, bursting from laughter.

How on earth can undercover policemen be so stupid as to reveal themselves to someone they don't even know as a journalist.
There was absolutely no need, as there were uniformed policemen available and as he was leaving withing taking a picture at all.
He didn't even talk to the children.





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