Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Health 3: rhesus babies

My daughter was one of twins.
They were rhesusbabies, meaning they had antibodies against their bloodcells in their blood, because the bloodbarrier between me and them had been severed.
Thanks to donors they had each two exchange transfusions and a couple of eosinophiles transfusions.

My father has been a donor for such babies for many, many years, so it was rather special to be on the receiving end.
We were very aware that three to six people had been called in to donate blood for our babies. They had to stop whatever they were doing so save our babies.
Thank you so very much!

I remember that I was waiting for the taxi after the last transfusion.
We waited in the large hall and a man came towards us. He could hardly walk, and I still wonder how long he lived after our encounter.
Politely he asked if he was allowed to say something to me.
So I asked him to sit down and tell me.

He said that he was moved by such a beautiful pink baby and that he wanted to wish us a very happy life.

We sat together for a while, watching the little girl, until I had to leave.

I still remember him. He was a bright light in a very difficult time in our lives.

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