Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Health 2: treatment plan

We know our family physician and his wife who is his assistant a long, long time now.
Because we're also friends we have our own way of dealing with problems, and we know each other's weaknesses and strengths very well.

When I recovered from my heartproblems I expected to feel better in time, but I stayed tired, and even developed more symptoms that had nothing to do with my heart.
It was like my body had never been able to start completely again.
Deficiency this, deficiency that.
I had to use vitamin D on top of all my other pills, and then had a shortage of iron.
In the past I had the same problem over and over again and a very good doc for internal medicine told me never ever to use pills again, but take shots. So each so-many years I had a couple of weeks with shots and that was enough to go on for a while.

Then a few months ago I needed shots again and the doc thought it was time for a new referral. I'll tell you about that another time.
I came home in tears and very angry. The young guy thought he'd better do nothing, because of the cost of treatment.

I thought that the iron deficiency might have something to do with a b12 shortage. But because I take folic acid and B6 because of an amino-acid disease the b12 shortage does show in symptoms, but not in blood tests.
My doc looked a bit like an unbeliever, so I told him: "I'll show."

I took less folic acid and b6 and heypresto: B12 deficiency.

I mailed my doc, because I expected him to be as hesitant to treat as always and wrote: "It's your turn to make a treatment plan."
No mail back.

As the symptoms became worse I made an appointment for today and expected not much.
He ask me what I wanted, I told him to tell me as he's the doc.
Much to my surprise he came with a good treatment plan. He'd been reading the scientific literature I suggested.

So this week I'll be starting shots B12 on top of everything else.

Let's hope it does the trick.

When were you surprised by a good treatment plan of your doc?

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