Friday, February 12, 2016

To Sweden

Son 2 is a parajumper.
His training consists not only of jumping from a small plane, but it means hard work.

He and his teammates jump with the same parachutes as they jumped with in WW2, and they love to jump from all sorts of planes.

This week he trains in Sweden.

I would have loved to have gone with the group and made photos, but ofcourse the money is a problem, but my physical condition too.

Yesterday I got a mail to tell me they'd arrived safely in Sweden and had a meal at Ikea.
Today I could only think what they were doing.

This morning when I woke up I found Mister again behind his computer. Again he didn't leave for work but worked from home.

He gets calls all day, and he talks rather loud at the phone. It bothers me, as he's sitting in front of the back door and I intended to hang the laundry outside.

I had to go for another shot, so I made him bring me by car.
I vented to the assistant/friend and she said that men don't realize they're in female territory. She was so very right.

I tried to ignore him all day. Especially after he said he didn't want me on the computer as his connection was broken each time we were on our computers. That's interesting, as he has his own connection and we have a different one.
Well, he thought I was handsowing the curtains for the front door, but I was on the computer doing my games. LOL!
I did some sowing when loading the computer, so I could hang the curtain, and it was nice.
It consists of two long small pointed tablecloths with a print of all sorts of keys and locks, sown together at the length seams. The girls loved it.

In the evening the place of the shot started to itch. Turned out there was a band aid on it, and I'm allergic to them. So I need to keep in mind to say it again at the doctor's practice.

Well, I wish you a good weekend!!



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