Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday 13-4

13 valentine presents I wont get this year and most of them I never got.

  1. A bunch of roses.
    I got a bouquet of roses twice, at the beginning of our relationship. He considers it a waste of money.
  2. A diamond ring
  3. A box of chocolates. So I buy one myself.
  4. Dinner at a restaurant. He took me twice in 36 years.
  5. A trip to... somewhere. So I went with the oldest to the coast.
  6. A car.... Haha.... even when it was a pink one I wouldn't mind getting one, but he has to include the money to get a license.
  7. Earrings. Bought 5 pairs for a euro a few days ago. I bought....
  8. Sexy underwear. I can't even imagine him buying that at the beginning of our relationship.
  9. A lovely bear.
  10. A valentine's card. Oh yes, got a few, with his name, no other text. Tell you how romantic he is. LOL!
  11. Perfume. The girls gave me a small bottle a few years ago. Smelling like sugared strawberries.
  12. A handbag.
  13. An "I-love-you-mug"

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