Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday 13 - 3

Infectious diseases

With the Zika virus worrying so many people I wondered my links to infectious diseases.
So let's see:

  1. When I was 4 I got the measles. I got a severe inner ear infection because of it, which spread to my brains (meningitis) and I was admitted to hospital for weeks. It was in a time that parents were not allowed in the room, so they had to look through a small window in the door. I can remember my dad and gram, and an aunt, but not my mom.
  2. When I was 8 I stayed at a children's home and got scarlet fever. I was very ill and was isolated again. Stayed in the far too small room without toys for weeks on end. No visitors were allowed until my aunt got kind of a tantrum and  finally was allowed in with a bag of plastic beads (which was quite new then) and a long thread. I still remember it as the day of yesterday.
  3. When I was pregnant I always stayed away from people with smallpox.
    Then my dad got an infection and he had to stay away from me. 
  4. Each winter I've got the flu before the flushots are given. This winter too.
  5. Thanks to a careless gyneaecologist I got a uterine infection in hospital. When I told him he said I was wrong and send me home. Within 3 hours I had my friend midwife at my bed and she called in a doc for an emergency housecall, telling me all the time that everything would be alright.  I was treated at home with very high doses antibiotics and all got OK. My friend later told me she thought I was going to die, because I was so terribly ill and got ill so very fast.
  6. I had a bladder infection only once. I was allowed to come in at the health center on a saturday evening, because it developed so very fast. The doctor there tried to get me admitted to hospital because my heartrate was extremely high, over 200. But they didn't want me in.
    After a lie down of half an hour (the neighbourwoman waiting for me) I was send home with the high heartrate and a recipe for antibiotics and a painkiller. We had to drive half the town to find a pharmacy and when I came home I was exhaused.
    If I was admitted to hispital then they would have found out my heartproblems.
  7. Just before I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) I had a bad time with pneumonia. It was a gift from an acquaintance, who never bothered to see me again.
  8. I never take a flushot anymore. I used to get ill from them, we never figured out why, and in fact I don't care. When I researched the effect, it turned out that it only diminishes the symptoms and eventually shortens the time of the disease by about a day. So now I take my chances.
  9. I wonder why they're publishing amounts of people who are ill with Zika, when in my country doctors have the freedom not to report cases. Added to that: many people don't bother to go to the doctor with those mild symptoms, so the whole country can be infected already without us even realizing.
  10. When staying in hospital I was always aware of the risks of infection. Like when I was on the maternity ward and a nurse was preparing things for an internal by the obstetrician. She threw a pair of gloves on the table with the plants and where we'd put our glasses and books and such. I threw the gloves away immediately. She took a new pair and threw them on the table again. I threw them in the waste again. Only then she asked why.
  11. Some people are not aware that the fungus in the bathroom is bad for their lungs.
  12. When I worked at the university we got yearly TB-controls. It was never said if it was to protect the students from us, to protect us from the students or both. There was never a discussion about the danger of X-rays at that time.
  13. As we know that the handles of shopping carts are a main source of infection because they contain a very high number of all sorts of germs, why are the handles of cars in the hospital not cleaned or disinfected after every use?

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  1. Yep. There are a lot of diseases people can catch. You make me think that it is important to wipe shopping carts with the antibio wipes many stores provides.

  2. I appreciate that most grocery and some "big box" stores now provide disinfectant sheets for carts, and get irritated when the grocery store I frequent most runs out, esp this time of year. I not only run the sheet across the front handle, but back rim and sides, too (think about how often you or your kids latch on to a part of the cart *other* than the handle, esp to turn it around/move it). Mine


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