Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New meme: Tuesday Health

Most bloggers have health issues and I've experienced a lot of positive support, sharing and learning by reading how others are doing and by comments on my blog.

To enable to meet each other and make a meme, so we can update each other each week I've started this meme.
It's not about complaining, but about telling others how you are doing and to share good causes and links.

Each week I give a theme. You can write about that theme or just write about what's important to you that week. As long as it's health related.

To participate:

  1. Leave your name and url in the comment-section of this post, so we'll get a list of participants here.
  2. Click one or both of the graphics and download them to your computer.
  3. Put one in the sidebar of your blog, linked to this post, so surfers can participate too.
  4. When writing a post, link to the post in my blog of that week.
  5. And put your url in the comments, so all participants can find each other.

DO NOT link directly to the graphic on my blog (called hotlinking), because you'll loose the image, as I'll change the url regularly.

I hope we can find support in this meme.



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