Monday, February 1, 2016

MGM 2016 Bloggers: nightmare

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

I woke up with a cramping leg.
My mind was still at the scene: a large bridge between mountains (saw a little mvie with someone walking on a very small path in the mountains, watching down very very deep...uggghh!).
I'd been dreaming very lifely about me complaining Mister is too passive (which is true) and he finally went with a group of people up in the mountains. (That's my dream). No climbing was involved, just walking, and when we reached the bridge we could just walk on.
Some people of the group became nervous and tense, including Mister.
We all said that walking on and looking forward was the best option, but he suddenly took someone hostage and when we threatened to warn the police he became psychotic.
He took the hostage down the stairs.... (Suddenly there were stairs)
I tried to run after them to free the hostage, but couldn't walk.
The police arrived in cars from both sides (??? We were on a very high bridge...tell me...) and the hostage peeked from beside the bridge "peekaboo, it's a joke, so ye all will get a bit less tense."

My leg still cramped when I woke up...

Did you wake up after a nightmare? Tell us about it.

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