Monday, February 15, 2016

MGM 2016 Bloggers: insurance letters

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

Since the healthinsurance isn't a national matter anymore, but a whole pile of different businesses that offer all sorts of insurances, with all sorts of services covered or not covered it's a mess.
The kids were still insured with their dad's insurance, but this year they had to find their own insurance, especially after our oldest made wise choice last year and paid far less for better service.

We encountered quite a few problems.
It started with time and concentration problems. Some of our kids are dyslectic and can't read the endless lists of rules and regulations without forgetting most of what they've seen.
And they certainly didn't have the time.
So at the last fortnight I got stressed and the oldest stepped in and helped his brothers and sisters.


One of the twins got her paperwork done all in time and perfectly in order.

Then she got this morning a mail stating she had applied too late and the insurance would start in 2017.
I told her to mail back that she was already accepted, had her paperwork in, and had already paid for January and February.
She got excuses, and we assumed her sister would get the same letter..... nothing yet.

But their brother got one.
Stating that as the application was received december 6, 2016....yep, 2016, the insurance will start at that date, because the application should have been in a lot earlier.
I replied for him, stating that I was pleasantly surprised by such foresight and I would advice him (the sender) to fill in a searchform for the mail- and postservice for future lost mail. Maybe we had to do with a kind of time-hole, or maybe the mail got lost in a gravity wave.
I also said that I expect a correction of his mail, stating that the application was received in time and thus the insurance starts in time. Just as my daughter got her insurance in perfect order.

I wonder if my oldest had a perfect insurance last year due to the guy there sleeping behind his desk.
Well, he'd better be asleep than dealing with the mail....

Have you had troubles or fun with insurance letters?

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