Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday 5: Press

  1. In what way are you pressing your luck?

    Don't think I'm doing that.

  2. When did you last wield an iron?

    I don't know what the expression means.
    Does it mean to judge someone?
    I try not to do so.

  3. Not counting buttons on your computer, tablet, or phone, what was the result the last time you pressed a button?
    The laundry machine started working.

  4. What was the name of your high school newspaper?

    The girls'school and the boys'school fused.
    So we took the first letters of both schools and put them together.

  5. To “press the flesh” means (usually in the context of politics or public relations) to meet and greet as many people as you can, shaking hands and making personal contact. When were you last called upon to press the flesh, and how were you?

    When I worked for the newspaper I had to go to a formal new year's meeting.
    It was nice and I was OK.

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  1. I think by wielding an iron, the poster meant when did you last use a clothes iron, though I'm thinking of it in terms of golf too. That's a neat story about your school newspapers. I can't remember the name of ours.

  2. #2 (wield an iron) means ironing clothing.

  3. The laundry machine... should have guessed....


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