Wednesday, February 10, 2016

First shot

So today we had a full program again.
First we had to do some shopping in the shopping center, including fetching medication at the pharmacy.
It took ages. I was so grateful for the chairs. I missed the woman who helps me most of the time. She jokes and works fast. This woman needed her time, but that caused the row to stay long.
Mister became inpatient and walked already to the car before we had left the shop.
When we were in the car he wanted to drive to our oldest and got angry when I said we had to go to the doctor's practice for my shot.
He had completely forgotten!
We couldn't believe it. I said it over 5 times this morning and yesterday I talked about it too. he was present when I made the appointment.

We think dementia has started, a family problem at his side of the family. But he doesn't want to be tested, so we can't help him to slow down the process.
All I can do is write things down for him, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I got the shot, which was just a few minutes, and then we went to the birthday of our oldest.
He had the best cake I've tasted in years. Except the birthday cake of the girls last year, but he organised that one too.

I didn't feel anything of the shot.
So we'll see what happens.



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