Monday, February 8, 2016

Crocusses 2016

What a strange day...

I woke up after half an hour of sleep.
Me oh my, the night was one disaster of turning and turning. My feet were hurting, then the duvet was too heavy on them, then my hip was hurting, then it was too hot, then I was shivering from cold.
So when I reported to be awake I got a look like I was changed into a real ghost.
"Go to bed and sleep. We're not going. We'll see what we do..."

So I went to bed and the day to the museum, which was planned weeks ahead, was cancelled.
We were invited for a preview of an exposition on Buddha, and as I am a buddhist....

So I slept a few hours after all and we went to a gardencenter. I needed a present for a friend and I wanted to take a good opportunity to find something.
I did.
Can't mention it here,...when she read the blog....
I was happy we went, because I bought some other stuff too.
Then we went to the Ikea nearby to have some coffee and eat something.
Which was not for me. It was far too hot. The applepie has nuts in it. The salmon was covered in ruckela salat, which I hate, and they didn't have the soup I like, the cinnamon buns were all gone. So I had coffee, and stole some fries from the plate of my son.
But we saw a couch we like (we need a new one after the disaster of last week) and my son found the duvet cover he was looking for for months, (and his dad paid for it.) Oh, and I bought some boxed to sort the clutter they always make in the kitchen.

So all in all a good afternoon, with a very irritating burning sun straight in our eyes when we went home.

We saw a few trucks that came from the carnaval parade, but I saw something much more fun....

Lots of dark purple crocusses in the front garden and even two muscari.
Scientists stated today that nature is 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time.
Well, I've seen it myself.



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