Sunday, February 21, 2016

Black shoes

One of my daughters is a ballet dancer.
Near the trainingscenter is a second hand shop and often it has some nice items.

She had seen dance sneakers and regretted that she didn't buy them when she was there.
So this morning I went with my other daughter to get them.
They were gone.

But I saw some nice other sneakers.
They fitted me, so they should fit her.
They were just 9 euro, so not much.

At home she decided she didn't want them.
Thank you.

The shoes appeared to be brand new, never worn
I assume the original prize was at least 5 times as much.
Considering the fact that I wanted all black sportshoes and wanted to go and look for them next week, I've done very well.

We also saw a nice chair for my other daughter.
I regret we haven't bought that one.

I won't send someone else.
We might get stuck with a new couch. LOL!


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