Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday 13 - 2

Yesterday it was my birthday but people forgot or didn't care, and one friend was ill.
So I didn't feel it was a birthday at all.
Only the girls tried to make it special, so we had a kind of "girls gathering" this afternoon.
The girls had individually found a few presents for me, made tea and coffee and we had a nice time.
This is what I had for my birthday:

  1. Crayons and a black butterfly to write on
  2. A blue candle that is supposed to smell after white lotus, but smells like soap
  3. A duo photo frame with hearts for the photos
  4. A small tin box with a lovely text, stating I'm the best mom
  5. Lovely blue earplugs
  6. A 25 cm silver-looking owl, which is a photo frame.
  7. A candle with Mrs. Claus' applepie fragrance
  8. Cookies (we made them disappear at teatime), plain and with cheese. The plain ones disappeared with mutual consent during teatime.
  9. A pillow with an artsy elephant.
  10. A bag with 10 breadrolls smelling like salmon
  11. A Robert Burns dinner, from my oldest son
  12. A wooden box with hematite and pearlish beads, from a friend
  13. A hat looking like a cake with candles.

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  1. We are taking a friend out on Monday to celebrate her 65th!

  2. Girl, just buy something for yourself with his money.
    I won't say another word about him, but this makes me sick.
    Good your girls made a good time for you.
    My present will arrive soon... so there's some more to be added to the list.


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