Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday 13 - 1

So here we go:

  1. I started blogging before the year 2000. 
  2. I think it was 1991 when I was invited by Harriet to try a new blogging system.
  3. I was hooked immediately.
  4. Most of the time I blog after midnight, when it's silent.
  5. I've been able to buy my bagpipes with what I saved over the years from publishing links. That was a lot of years ago, a lot. I can play rather well.
  6. My favorite tune is: Highland Cathedral.
  7. Now there a few babies in the neighbourhood I don't exercise anymore at home on the highland pipes. I use the smallpipes, Their noise is contained in the house.
  8. I haven't blogged in 2015, because I was too busy dealing with my heartproblems and educating people about the influence of heartproblems on daily life, and with supporting my children.
  9. People who know me I have two huge dreams: living in Scotland or Wales and having a beagle (dog)
  10. I'm always short of money because money disappears into the mouth of children and what's left goes to their education, lifestyle and hobbies.
  11. So I'll probably never realize my dreams.
  12. I love dollhouses 1:12 and 1:24.  I bought a dollhouse to compensate that I couldn't move around in life the way I wanted due to my heart. I didn't want to become depressed and needed something to do at days I had trouble doing my things in the house.
  13. This was my first thursday 13 and now you know a little bit about me.

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  1. You're the first person I've "met" that's been blogging that long. I started in 2005. I love the uilleann pipes!

  2. If you can survive your children's childhood, you will have time to realize your dreams on the other side. I found much more time for myself once the youngest was in grade school.

  3. I love the sound of the bagpipes, although I've never tried to play them. Kids are expensive, that's for sure!

  4. Thank you for joining in Thursday 13! I don't know that I know anyone who plays bagpipes, so that is very cool. I am sorry you have a health issue and I hope it is something controllable.

  5. It was nice getting to know you. I hope you'll play T13 again!


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