Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thinking today, january 7 2016

Oh, I need to get used to the new year.
Writing 2015 when I mean 2016 doesn't do this year any justice.
Some accuracy is needed, especially now this year already has set a firm record.

For days on end the north of the country was covered in a thick layer of ice, due to ice rains and frost. Code red weather alarm was in place for days.
People were able to skate on the streets, something I've done about 30 years ago.
Unlike then schools were closed, and there were no busses, nor trains.
The weather took us all by surprise after a december without any frosty nights. This has never happened since the weather recording started.

In a way the weather has been driven backstage, due to the alarming news about mob attacks on women in German cities. Far more than hundred women were robbed and sexually and otherwise assaulted during new year's eve by a large number of men. Some women also suffered bad burns.
It has been on the news all day and it's the first subject people talk about when they meet each other.

In a conversation with a friend we realized with a shock that the police could have prevented this all. It was said in the news that they knew there would be problems. But they never expected it would be at such a large scale.
Well, hej...even when you can prevent one woman from being attacked you're doing your job!

We also spoke about the economical situation, as the chinese stockmarket got shut again, and caused a worldwide downfall of the stockmarkets.
I wrote quite a few articles about this when I worked at the paper and china started to buy businesses and estates in many countries. I warned for an economical downfall of china and that it would pull the world economy down with it.
A country that doesn't care for the human rights of what they call it's own people certainly won't care for others, human rights or money.
It feels sad.

I warned about two years ago an apple farmer nearby not to accept an offer of a chinese firm. They wanted to invest in his farm, because they wanted his apples. Instead of buying the apples against the open market price, they bought more than half of his farm. Now china lowers it's import he can't get rid of his apples. They certainly won't give him financial help and the banks here won't invest at all. So it's the end of a very old farm.

Maybe I shouldn't think about matters like these, but I do. I can't stop myself.
What do you think about when you hear the news?



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