Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The mirror and the flu

Mister himself is not a very good driver.
(No, he doesn't read this blog. LOL!)

For the second time I managed to hit the mirror against a roadside pole.
I have to admit that the road at that certain place is far too small and the other drivers are going far too fast in the bend, so they press other cars against the poles.
But it was the second time. At the same day he hit the mirror a second time, so it needed some repair to be able to go home. The duct tape that's always in the car was very useful.

Today our son had the car and the police brought him to a standstill.
They had a lot to tell him, were very intimidating, but send him away with a warning. Next time he would get a fee of about 140 euros.

Pity none of them knew the law well enough.
The car is made before 2010, so there is absolutely no need to have an outside mirror when the inside mirror gives a good sight on the road.
Well, the inside mirror gives a perfect view on the road.

So the whole incident was completely unnecessary.

The result is, however, that dear son will fix the mirror tomorrow.
Otherwise he would have waited ages and he's the only one who can properly attach a new mirror on this car.

In the evening the media reported that a new influenza epidemic has started.
It's the so-called Mexican flu. According to the reports even healthy people are admitted to hospitals with pneumonia.
(Interesting to use healthy and pneumonia in one sentence this way.)
When I tried to check the numbers, the official site that publishes these figures couldn't be accessed.
So I tried a site where people can report their symptoms and which follows the trends in flu cases each year.
They say there is not an epidemic....

Guess the official site has been taken offline for corrections of their data...

As I planned to visit my GP to discuss the results of my bloodtests I have to think if I want to go.
His waitingroom is always full of people, it's too hot there and the waitingtime is often about an hour.
That means a complete hour of exposure.
Not very wise with my heartproblems.
maybe he can deal with me by mail.
I'll mail him tomorrow.

I'm already sneezing.....




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