Sunday, January 17, 2016

The honor of laundry

To be honest, I expected a thick layer of snow in the morning.
But what fell last evening was all we got.

The photo aside was taken a few years ago, when everything was covered in a few centimeters and there was a bit of fog, so in the morning the branches of the trees where white too.
Today the sun melted the few snowpearls on the trees rather quick.
Half of the snow on the ground has gone.
But it's slippery outside now and the temperatures have dropped below zero celcius. Right now it's between -4 and -7.5.

In the north of the country they are preparing the ice for iceskating.
It's just for a short time, because a bit more snow is expected for tuesday and after thursday all is gone.

Today was a boring day.
The girls had to work, their father went to our classical autistic son in the afternoon, and went to one of those James Bond movies with son 2 in the evening.

I had the honor of laundry. Lots of it.
It didn't make me feel happy... oh no.
I felt used. I feel used.
It's like I'm running a hotel all by myself, and none cares and none pays.

With a non-existent dinner (one of the girl was out for dinner with a friend, the other ate at her work) I felt like I'd rather had been at the northpole, dragging a sleigh behind me, trying to find the flag of the ultimate top of the earth....

Well... I changed the look of the site a bit.. so that was useful behaviour.

Tomorrow one of my daughters will apply for a dog to give me for my birthday.
My idea.

Just 10 more days.....


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  1. Hi Laane!
    looks like we share the same type of weather :-/
    but how wonderful you will be getting a new furry family member :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!


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