Saturday, January 2, 2016

The day after new year

Everybody is longing for a normal life again.
So we tried to act "saturday".

It didn't work.

We overslept.
That means: I was awake half of the night, turning and turning again, messing up the sheet and turning the fleece blanket 3 times around it's axis. I woke up the daughter that needed to be in time for work, fell half asleep, and was up and around at 9.
So I decided to get into the right rhythm and ate a banana and took my pills.... and went to bed again.
Slept until past 12!!! And had to wake up the others.

One of the sons wanted to go shopping with us, so we called him. He'd been waiting for the call for hours. Then my daughter stood in the doorway. She was back from work. They'd let her go because it was far too quiet in town and none came in the shop. (She works in a bread restaurant).
She told that on her way to work a bit of snow was on the bridge. Just a tiny bit. Well, that's news after a december with only record high temps.

So we went to Germany to get some groceries.
It's easier for us to go to Germany, because we live near the border, than to go to town, where the parking is far too expensive and the shops are not what we need.

We had a good time in Germany, even though we didn't find anything special, just the usual stuff, and we had a nice little meal with my favorite bread, meat and vegs.

When we arrived home the TV didn't work.
Turned out the mister of the house had dropped the remote and had tried to regulate the TV by using the buttons at the side.... Ohhhh... who tells me that all men are technicians doesn't know him.
As my talents are remoter than the remote control, we had to call the son who was most nearby....

He fixed it, put in another cable, and the TV is better now than before, with all the senders at different numbers.
I like the fun of change.... but some others....

The rest of the evening was quiet...



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