Thursday, January 21, 2016

So: no dog.

The car-mirror was fixed today, and right after that we hit the road to get the groceries in.
One of our sons went with us and that made the whole to-do less boring.
I managed to find a sweater for our other son's birthday, but at home it turned out that it didn't fit him. No problem. Within a few seconds our youngest daughter put it on and showed it.

We had a quiet evening, which I didn't mind, and when everyone was either gone home or to bed, I once again put up a discussion about getting a dog.

It's my all time dream to have a beagle. It's an active dog, with a mind of it's own, so it's fun to deal with and it'll make me go outside every day to walk him.
I can have a dog from someone who lives about an hour away by car and I was very much looking forward to say "yes" to the request if I could take him, because the present owner got another job with far more hours.

But we can't manage the financial part of it.
As the cost of health insurance is very high, the kids can't pay it all themselves and we have to jump in every month, not only for those living at home, but also for those living elsewhere.
Time to inform the politicians about this.
We have loaned them thousands, and unless we get that back we're too tight to have a dog.

So I had to let her know we won't be taking her dog.
I feel very sad.

Not only did my cardiologist advice to get a dog, it would also be good for my youngest daughter who suffers muscle disease.

I was so looking forward to have a dog at my next birthday, next week.

Now I just feel it'll be like another day... 60 ... just a birthday about getting old, useless and lonely.



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  1. I'm so sorry... this is not good.
    You're always ready to help other people and your kids have a great mum, and that one little animal that can make your life a lot bearable and give pleasure...
    It's not good that you help others at the expense of yourself.


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