Monday, January 4, 2016

New meme: Monday Good Morning for 2016 bloggers

In the past I ran a meme and it was fun and a very nice way to meet new bloggers, get connected and enhance the readers public.

So here are the rules.

MGM stands for: Monday Good Morning.

Wish your readers a good morning, tell them something about your weekend and/or the plans for the new week, or answer the question posed on this blog
and leave your name and url in the linksection or comments of this blog , linked to the post (not your blog, but the post).
Post the image of that week in your post, liked to the MGM 2016 bloggers post of that week.

Each monday you can participate again and leave your link.

Each week you can link in the post of that week too.

DO NOT link them directly (called hotlinking), because you'll loose the image, as I'll change the url regularly.

Have fun!!

Attention: something is wrong with the commentsection.
I'll try to fix it.
Please use the commentbox at the right for the members list.





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