Saturday, January 23, 2016

My news of January 22 2016

Today was a day full of news.

Son 2 Showed his new coat with the logo of one of the local news services.
He was asked to be one of their "writing photographers", which means: a photographer who is able to collect the news behind the photo and write an article about it.
He was very happy about it, even though it's an unpaid job. It means he'll get more experience and maybe a paid job in due time.

It's fun he's following in my footsteps.

Son 1 told me he would be part of a team that controls worksituations on the trains.
He first has to go an a course, leading to an official diploma, so it'll take some time before he can do the job.
He loves travelling around, so it's perfect for him.

Less positive were the reports on the media about the Zeka virus, also called Zika virus.
I already heard about the dangers of microcephaly for the children of pregnant women, and I wondered why the media paid no attention to the subject. But today was the day people were informed.
Some countries told their pregnant inhabitants not to travel to South America.
Ofcourse my country didn't, but women here were wise enough to ask their travel agency for a different trip. Most got a transfer of their travel plans.
Well if it was about the health of my unborn baby I wouldn't go to those danger zones and maybe refrain from travelling at all.
I've heard on fb of at least one person ill here in The Netherlands. A not officially confirmed case.
I was glad with the cold weather because there will be less bugs during the summer, but now it feels even better.
This year I will be more alert for places in the garden with a bit of water. I'll clean them and dry them, so the larvae won't be able to survive there.

Other news was that the flu is troubling people in this area too. It's the H1N1-variety, meaning it can be dangerous for me.
The past years however I got the flue before we were called for the official flu shot, and the same happened this year. So I've skipped the rather controversial shot.

Well, let's have something nice before I close this post.
My oldest came here and cooked for us.
Because I had a very bad night with just 2 hours of sleep I took a nap and woke up just before dinner.
Lucky me!

Have a nice weekend!




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