Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday 5-1-2016 news

Ofcourse the weather was a subject on the news.
Icerains had forced the north of the country to a standstill.
No busses, no trains, schools closed.
Just when I told one of the kids that we used to go to school in the past, on old ice-skates, they showed people skating on the streets.
Tonight we can get icerains too.
A huge weather alarm has been issued for this area, a moderate for the area south of us.
I don't long for icerains, but I would love to walk in the snow.
Bought rubber boots this summer, so I'm waiting....

I'm not waiting for what happened in Keulen.
During the new years fireworks and celebrations more than hundred women were attacked, robbed and violated in front of the railwaystation by large groups of arabic men. Assumed moslim fundamentalists who wanted to teach women a lesson.
Yesterday 60 women registered at the police and today more came to tell their stories. It also happened in a few other German cities.

So I had a goo talk with the girls and taught them some interesting ways to make sure they've got DNA to hand over to the police in case they're attacked.

There were also some nice events today due to the fact that the TV news exists 60 years.
Old reporters read the news, each hour another person.
So strange to realize that they were so familiar I had to remind myself that this is special. Some of these people belong so close to my life.

So it was an interesting day, even though I didn't feel well.


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