Monday, January 25, 2016

MGM 216 Bloggers: virus

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Two weeks ago I read on FB that a woman was diagnosed with the Zeka-virus.
I'd never heard about it so I looked it up. It was the Zika-virus, which causes in grown ups most of the times only mild symptoms, like a light fever, conjunctivitis and a headache.
It's spread by the Aedes mosquitoes, also called the yellow fever mosquitoes, which can be found in the tropics and subtropical regions and at some other locations where they have traveled to using protection in human belongings and fruit.
The past days there have been reports suggesting human-to-human transmission is possible and the consequent examination of bodily fluids have revealed the virus in semen.

The virus has caused already thousands of babies with microcephaly. That means that the skull of the babies is smaller than might be expected for the age of the baby and the brain is underdeveloped.
Some children are born with a normal skull but still have an underdeveloped brain and show during their development a receding forehead and small skull.
Microcephaly can result in a lot of problems, ranging from failure to thrive to behavioral disturbances, disturbances in movement, impaired intellectual development, seizures and premature death.

The prevalence of Zika-virus affected children is in certain areas as high as 1 in 5, which has led some governments to tell people to wait with getting pregnant and to give travel-advice for women who are pregnant or who want to get pregnant.
(So the influence on semen is not taken into account at the moment. The travel-advice should stretch to men who want to become a father too.)

There is no vaccine available at the moment.

Since I heard about the virus much more information has become available.
last week I wondered why my country didn't give a travel-advice to people going to overseas areas or come from the areas which are affected, and why the media didn't report about the dangers of the virus, as there were cases in The Netherlands too.
But yesterday it was finally all over the news and all I can hope is that no babies are born because of the delay in informing the media.

I remember when I was ill when I was in a childcare home wen I was 8. I caught scarlet fever and was isolated in a little room that provided a place for a bed and 1 meter beside it. I was very ill and I can't remember much of the first weeks there. They thought I would die, but I didn't.
I slowly recovered and started to put things in my memory again.
The loneliness was enormous. I only saw a doctor and a nurse a few times a day. That was it. No book, no paper and pencils. Until my aunt made such a stampede that she was allowed in and gave me a long thick thread and a box with beads. When I was bored with making a simple bracelet I made all sorts of things, like a doll, a dog and lots more.
The beads were so important that I remember them very well, but I can't remember the day the door was opened and I was allowed out.

Have you ever been kept hostage by a virus?

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  1. I do remember the fear of polio when I was a child and before the vaccine was available. My mother always made us take naps in the summer, for whatever that did for us.

  2. Thanks. I'm surprised too that each day seems to bring information that should have been available two or three months ago.

    My post with the answer to the question±

    Have a nice week.


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