Monday, January 11, 2016

MGM 2016 Bloggers 2: David Bowie

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

The night was very restless. I turned such a lot. Woke up a lot. And then decided to listen to the radio until it was time to go downstairs.
Tired I switched on the TV, while the rest of the family was walking around or getting a shower, fetching things for school or work etc etc.
Then suddenly Louise from BBC One Breakfast get a note in her hands and she announced the death of David Bowie.

I've grown up with him. In a way he was always there, often changing his looks and his music.
While I was getting used to the person I am and discovered all different talents and skills, feelings and friendships, he changed his look and his sound.

He suffered from cancer, what everybody now knows, and he wanted to keep it silent for his fans.
In being the person without the paint, the fancy clothes and the music, he was hiding and fighting the worst battle: for life.
He had finally become the person we all become: the person for himself and his closest family and friends.

Suddenly his music sounded all day and even the girls recognized the songs.
"Are they his? Wow!"
And later: "Are they still his? Amazing."
"Yep, he created music like all colours of the rainbow, and he looked like that too.
But to me he was more interesting when he was without make up and the whole toodoo."

I didn't tell her that he looked a lot like someone who was very close in the past. A dear friend, who drifted away in life when we got older. David kept, unknowingly, his memory alive.

David Bowie: a rainbow, slowly fading, but the memory stays.

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