Monday, January 4, 2016

MGM 2016 bloggers 1: birds

Mondag, Good Morning, dear readers.

This morning I was amazed by a large blackbird, landing on the basket that is hanghing beside the front door.
It's hanging from an old-fashioned shop upholder and attached to the upholder is a fatball with seeds.

To be honest: it's meant for the little birds, finches and such, that fly around and have fun in the sun.
Two years ago they kept me in good moods when I was back from a long hospital stay, after my heart almost caused my death.
Last year they enjoyed the fatball until summer and in autumn didn't return.

It was such a strange autumn and the winter was even worse. All december we had top-record temperatures. No frost at all and the birds had enough food in nature. They didn't need extra fat and seeds, because there was enough.

But with the arrival of 2016 winter arrived.
The nights are colder, and the days are gloomy and dark.
Right now it's looking very grey and it feels like crawling on the couch with a large fleece blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.

I simply sat on the couch with a bit of coffee, thinking how I could clean the coffee machine to get a decent cuppa without one little drop of vinegar in the house.
And there the blackbird was...

For over 10 minutes he sat there eating vigorously.
I expect we'll get some winterweather the next days.
Well, I've got a large fleece blanket with santa and...birds, and a large mug, and chocolate.
And lots of fatballs for the birds.

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Bye, have a great week!

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