Friday, January 15, 2016

Men's opinion about fear of women

In a few cities in Germany, at New year's eve, women were robbed and sexually violated by groups of men.
More than 516 women reported these crimes in Cologne. In other cities the numbers are not clear or I can't confirm the numbers.

In Belgium women were also sexually violated in a train by 3 teenagers, and when interviewed some majors in my country admitted they'd heard about violations here too, but in one person to one person situations, no group attacks.

Yet, we feel unsave... and silly because those men get what they want: fearfull women.
We have prepared ourselves mentally to defend ourselves, but we are also aware that one woman alone can't stand a chance against a group of men.

There is a way of defense that is easy to use: pepperspray.
It's illegal here.

Politicians, male ones, tell us that we should show non-violent resistance.

I've spend all day thinking what that is. Which is interesting, because I'm a buddhist and I know what it is.
But how can I stay non-violent when I do not want to accept the violation of my honor when a group of men want to rape me?
How can I defend myself?

Telling a joke won't help.

It's interesting to hear those politicians talk.
Pity that the interviewers were all men, so the most important questions were not asked.

How on earth can I defend myself against violence of a group of men?
I can wear good shoes so I can kick them in the knees, which means I can harm one or two and the rest will get angry and even worse.
I can scratch them, probably with the same result.
I can use hairspray, but it won't work well enough.
I can use invisible colourspray that becomes colour after an hour or so and stays on them for days and can't be washed off.... but they'll rape me anyway.

These politicians have no clue about the experiences of women, no true empathy.
When you want to lead a country, give an answer to one of the most fundamental questions, please.

Hej, that's what I always have to say to the men in my house... and that's even about quite normal and legal situations like putting away the pot with peanutbutter after using it.




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