Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last day of January 2016

Another weekend has moved into the past.

Because we had gone to the shops on Friday and Mister didn't want to go far because of the weather... (I think he feels the wind worse than we all do) he slept in...again. But finally, when the morning had turned to afternoon we told him he had to move, because he and we wanted to say goodbye to the owner of our much loved bookshop, or the much loved owner of the bookshop.
The shop is closing, because she'll be leaving for america soon.

If I had the money I would buy the shop and start a second hand bookshop annex coffee corner and neighbourhood library.

When we arrived there she had put a large table in the middle of the almost empty shop with coffee and tea and cake. People were sitting around it and talking to each other.
Her large dog was a bit upset because of so many people.

For the last time we went through the books which were still there.
I bought a very old fashioned version of the book I was given as a first to own by my gram. It seemed to be a worthy goodbye for myself.

We had coffee and cake and admired the other table full of plants and flowers (including one of us) and then I said goodbye to the dog.

He was the first dog in years that didn't make me feel afraid, and even though he is very large I would adopt him as mine if I was asked.
Then we said our final goodbyes and went.

Today was a busy day.
Mister went to one son in the afternoon and went with another to the cinema, for the last time this month.
The son took the car with him to his home and then the oldest rang: needed to be fetched from the train station and brought home.
Since the timetable of the trains has changed he can hardly reach his home on Sunday evening.

And now it's finally quiet.

Lots of work is waiting for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
For the whole of February, to be precise.



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