Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016

Hello 2016!!

After a tumultuous change of years I went to wish the people in the neighbourhood a very happy new year.
The fireworks were so enormous I was a bit freightened, so we left through the back door and hurried to the street behind us.
One of the women came to me and I was surprised by a big hug.
Then we visited one of my best friends and her family (her kids have grown up with mine) and we quickly moved past some firework users to another of my best friends.

It's always nice to see her family.
Her boys are at the age of my oldest ones and have an autistic personality too.
We sat down and drank a bit of non-alcohol stuff.
Then the kids came in and it was a kind of 2-family reunion. I really enjoyed it.

When I walked back the fireworks were a bit less, so my youngest son could be brought back to his apartment.

It was quiet at home, with just a bit of music. I saw the change of years in England at the BBC... I should have been there... and did the dishes. It was nice to be alone at home for the first time in a year. (and I was doing the dishes....!!!)

By the time the kids father came home the mess was gone and the oldest could be brought home.
I went with them and enjoyed the little christmaslights everywhere.
Most people had gone to bed and it was almost silent.

I hope to be able to be in England or Scotland next year.
The ultimate goal is to move there. That dream is still number one.

I also plan to join a ballet training again. Step by step.
A dear friend trains the teachers and former teachers of the local ballet institute and she wants me to join them.
I'm a bit hesitant, but ...I'm the one who started ballet for older ladies here in town and in the country, so I can't stay at the side.

I haven't made much other plans for the year, but I will be faced with huge changes, I expect.
The mister of the house will probably move elsewhere, so that leaves me with the kids. Most of them want to move to the UK too.
So next week I'll start looking for a job at the other side of the Channel. I don't expect to find anything soon...but without looking to the horizon one doesn't reach a goal.

So moving through 2016 will be interesting, and I'll be blogging about it as often as I can.

So pop in and leave a comment now and then to keep me going, and enjoy. Ask questions, read the memes and be creative too.

Best wishes for 2016!!!!



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