Saturday, January 9, 2016

Good buys at the sales for ballet

I overslept today, which didn't matter too much.
I was far too tired.
Problem was that we had to get our new glasses and the shop was absolutely filled.
First we waited a while.
The oldest son rang that he was at the railway station about half an hour later and would come to us if we had some good plans.

So we decided to visit the sports shop after all, which meant an hour drive.
I had only eaten a banana, so I tried to fetch something, but mister himself had so much problems walking that we stood in the shop for glasses again, he leaning on the counter.

The waiting line didn't show any improvement, so we decided to leave again.

At the sports shop I found what I was looking for: a ballet legging and ballettrousers.
I've decided to try ballet again, training with the teachers and with a dear friend as teacher.
She knows about my health problems, so nothing can go wrong.

Then we found a box with ballet shirts for 1 euro each. Top-quality. Just the colours of last season.
So I got ten of them,. For me and the girls.
The men found themselves shoes, which made me laugh a lot.
My son had prefect shoes, by his dad bought...trekker shoes. LOL! He is too lazy to walk a hundred meters to buy me a breadroll or to wait until I have bought one, and when he could park his car in the hall of the shops he would.
Well, he bought the shoes..hihi.

When we went home it was already dark.
As my sons house was on the way to our house we decided to eat there.
A whole day surviving on a banana is not good for someone with diabetes.

At home the girls admired my clothes, which are just the old fashioned ballet outfits, without the folded cardigan around the hips.
I've promised myself I won't do that.
So I'm almost 60 and restarting ballet for the second time.
The last time I did I was 43 or something like that.

Problem is that this time I'd rather have a good job as a choreographer...
But I have to start somewhere.
Let's see what life brings.



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