Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday 5: slow

  1. What’s something you make that takes a really long time to cook?

  2. Eh.. let's think. Having 6 kids which needed a lot of extra attention, I never had a lot of time to cook. So I'm a specialist at quick cooking. But I used to make things that needed a lot of time and energy. Like homemade soup, with all the fresh veggies and meat sliced very little. And then first the meat, on the stove with cold water....***memories drifting...*** yep, I know: pea soup. First finding the good ingredients is quite a job, and then I first put in cold water the pig's leg, bring it slowly to a boil, then put the flame as low as possible, add sliced carrots and a lot of other stuff that needs to be cut and sliced, and in the end the dried peas. It takes hours to soften them. When they're soft the meat goes out, cools down and the fat and skin is thrown away, the meat is sliced and the bone is used for some kid's fun or engraving exercises. Then it is heated on the lowest flame during a few more hours, with herbs and spices, and then it can be eaten.

  3. Of books you’ve completed, which took you the most time to get from beginning to end?

  4. That's a difficult question. I can't remember. Sorry.

  5. What’s a movie that seemed much longer than it was?

  6. Most movies the men here like. Like James Bond....

  7. Who was your partner for your first slow dance?

  8. Oh dear...who was that... I think it was one of my best friends, but not my boyfriend.

  9. What decision are you dragging your feet toward making?

  10. Taking up my own life and leave the kids to live their own. My relationship is none existing, we're living together for the children. I'm kind of lonely, but I'm also emotionally free. So when I meet the right person... or when the children all move on.... then it's me time.

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