Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday 5: sense

  1. How would you describe your sense of direction

    It used to be very good, but the past years, to be honest, it's a bit less.

  2. Whose sense of humor is most like yours?

    That's a difficult question. I used to have a friend who could laugh about the same things. All what was needed was a short look at each other and I had difficulty keeping a smile hidden.

  3. What film’s or novel’s sense of place really impressed you?

    Sense of place.
    Most movies about climbing are very accurate.
    A while ago I read a book about women travelling the north- and south pole. To be precise: about the McVities All Women’s Penguin Polar Relay 1997 and M&G ISA South Pole Expedition 1999. I was very impressed by the descriptions.

  4. When did you most recently and accurately sense danger?

    When we were on our way to an airshow I really, really, really wanted to be. I had asked before if the watersupply of the car had been filled, asked about 5 times the day before. Well, the car caught fire because all the water had vanished....
    When the fire was gone we left Mister "No need to fill the water stop asking stupid questions." with the car waiting for the tow service and went to the show, which was above a field at the same road.
    When the tow service arrived we hurried to the right place, which was beside a garage at the end of the road.
    Again I had to wait and I went top the parking space to put a few airplanes that passed above it on camera and wave at them.
    A B25 flew over extremely low, while I stood there. I could see the pilot and he waved back. When he turned for the last time he flew over with a wing down, which is a greeting.
    I still don't know who the pilot was, but I want to thank him for that wonderful experience.

  5. How would you describe the scent of your car’s interior?

    Just neutral. I'm allergic to those smelly things for the car and smoking is not allowed. And the car is rather old: so it smells neutral.

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  1. Now I want to see the photos of that B25.... and the pilot, to be honest....:)

  2. Your airshow experience must have been a big "upper" after the clearly avoidable car fire. Men! heehee


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