Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday 5: Balance

  1. When opposing forces in your life pull you in different directions, how do you recenter yourself and find balance?

    I have a look at where both directions stand in position to which person I want to be or want to become.
    And I just be that person.
    Being myself makes it relatively easy to make a choice.

  2. What are often the greatest threats to your overall balance?

    Being too tired because too many people ask me to do things.
    With 4 kids with special needs there´s always something going on, so...
    I also can´t deal with injustice and people having an opinion about me which is very far beside the true me.

  3. If you could add just a little more of one thing to your life and have a little less of another, what would they be?

    Little less stress, and a lot more money, so I can realize a dream or two.

  4. What are pluses and minuses of hanging out with mercurial people, and what are pluses and minuses of hanging out with even-keeled people? Which tend to populate your social groups most?

    My social world is absolutely minimal at the moment.
    I don´t mind people changing their mood, as long as they don´t blame others or me. I like the dynamics of life and of people. But I also had some friends who were very even/keeled. Some gave me a very calm feeling, others were just plain boring.

  5. What’s you greatest challenge in maintaining a balanced diet?
    Salt. I love to eat spinach with lots of salt, but I shouldn´t because of my heart problems.
    I´m on a balanced diet for so long, because of my diabetes, that the adjustments I had to make for my heartproblems were simple.

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  1. Love your answer for a little less stress and a lot more money!

  2. I hope you get your wish for less stress and more money. Love your thoughtful and gentle ways. Great answers.


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