Sunday, January 17, 2016

First snow 2016

Yes!! My world is white!
During the day we had a few showers, but the snow disappeared, because the temperature of the air and the ground was a bit too high.
But the sky was clear when the evening began and the temperature dropped soon.

Then we sat together in the livingroom, spending our saturday evening with watching casualty and we completely forgot about the weather.
When I had a look at about 11.30 pm the world was white!

Because I had to go outside to put a birthday card in the mailbox of a friend, I saw that it was not soft fluffy snow, but it was in fact hail.
It looked like artificial snow, like those tiny snowballs of tempex. But it felt great. It crushed under my shoes.

I don't know why snow always makes me happy.
Ofcourse I realize it's inconvenient for many people.
Both my daughters have to leave their home early in the morning to go to work. One on her bicycle, using the roads that already have been salted today.
The other should go by bus, but can't because she has to leave far too early. So her brother will bring her by car.
I hope they stay safe.

But after they've given me a call they've arrived OK and my son is home again, I'll look outside with a warm feeling of content.
And when more snow makes our dull streets into romantic passages I'll take my boots and camera and have a good walk in the snow.
I simply love it!




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