Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chocolate of the luxury kind at night

This is chocolate.
Of the luxury kind.
I found a piece in the sales and I'm glad I bought it. It's delicious! White chocolate with cranberries and other berries and yoghurt. Absolutely delicious.
So I'm eating it now... it's melting on my tongue.
A moment of utter enjoyment.

My son was accepted as a photographer at a local newsservice this week.
The alarm went of in the middle of the night, so he jumped in his trousers, put the rest of his clothes on, took his coat with logo and hurried down the stairs to jump in our car (he was allowed to borrow it for a night) and drive..... to our neighbourhood.
Two cars were on fire and the firefighters decided to evacuate the people who loved in the house, because the cars were too near the house for them to be safe.

It was a few houses away from our friends and two roads away from us.

He interviewed the police, took photos, went home when the firefighters were done and wrote an article.

Today it was at the paper and his friends have spread it all over internet. LOL!

Problem is that they assume that the fires were lit on purpose. Maybe for fun... what fun? ... maybe for other reasons.

So now I'm up all night to keep watch.
It's what I used to do before I got ill two years ago: organizing and conducting a neighbourhood watch.

Last night I didn't sleep well, so after one of my daughters went to the ballet academy early this morning I went back to bed and fell asleep while listening to the radio. Woke up at lunchtime and nearly took my morning pills again...Ooops.
We went to get groceries, and when we came back home ate with the family present and watched The Voice UK and Casualty.

I love the silence of the night.
It's the only time it's quiet in the house and there's not a chance someone walks in, sits down and wants me to listen or to solve problems.
It's the best time to think about things and to have the feeling of being myself.

I wonder if I'll ever find a partner that makes me feel the same way during the day.




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