Friday, January 29, 2016

Because the wind was blowing so hard

It's never possible to plan something.
There's always something happening and I'm the one who needs to adjust.

Today I needed to clean the floor downstairs, needed to put some things in the attick...which is quite an effort, do some sowing, hang the laundry outside, etc etc. Which translates into: I needed to be able to move freely through the house.

No problem with the girls to school and training, and the rest away too.


Mister decided to stay at home and work from home....because the wind was blowing so hard.
No gale force expected, just a moderate windforce and a bit of rain. No storm or attacks on his stability. (I can assure you he's quite fixed to the ground as the gravity forces have enough room to get a grip.)

This translates into: I sit in front of the door to the garden, so each time you want to hang a towel outside you have to ask and I'll complain. Also: I can't deal with the troubles with internet everybody in the neighbourhood experiences, so I'll complain all day, accuse others of stealing my internetspeed, I need a lot of attention and when I move around I'll sigh.

I was patient all morning, but reaching lunch I didn't feel as patient anymore.
Already I'd decided to stripe away some plans from the list, move some things to next week and act like I'm 60. So I sat down with a cuppa and said we needed groceries.

He absolutely loves getting groceries, he can walk through shops all day, read the texts on the same tin over and over again each time he's in the same shop and he either leans on the shopping cart like he's a grocery item himself...but with legs which don't fit in the car... or he runs around like he's won 1 minute free shopping.

So we went to the shops.
The weather was gorgeous! Lots of rays pouring from the sun, Lots of birds in the sky, an almost white heron near the water.
He was in a good mood and decided we could have a look for his new reading/computer glasses.

When we came home son nr 2 called to ask him if he wanted to go to the cinema in the evening.
Then he decided I wanted to go to.

Over 4 times I had to find reasons not to go: headache, backpain....
It went a bit quiet when son 3 decided to go too.

The cinema has each month a special offer. This months people who have their birthday in January have to pay nothing at all, except for the extra's, like 3-d glasses, and half of my kids and both parents celebrate their birthday in January, so....

They went a bit past 21.00 hours, to be there in time.
They didn't come home... until... over 1 hour after midnight.
It had been a very long movie.... and it had been boring. (Sttt..... hahahahaha!!!!)

In the meantime the girls and I had a lovely time, watching TV, talking, trying out nailpolish, and more talking.
We made a package of chocolate cookies feel appreciated and even did the dishes.




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