Sunday, January 3, 2016

117 euro!! Instead of 12.

Last month my daughter bought contact lenses.
Because she had some money returned by the insurance and because she had a voucher, there was nothing but 0.00 on the bill.
Only the fluids needed had to be paid.

The lenses didn't arrive and she went to the shop over and over again, until the last day of the year.
We went there, because she had to work, and we were happy for her that her lenses had arrived.

Without further thoughts a total of 117 euro was paid.

When she arrived home she was happy with the lenses, but nearly had a heart attack when she heard we paid as much as 117 euro.

She explained the whole issue to us and went there at saturday, to undo the mistake made by the shop.

She was told they couldn't do anything, because of the change of years and she had to manage the problem herself.


I did it for her today. Wrote the national bureau of them a very clear mail, stating the problem and that we were flabbergasted that we had to solve the problem ourselves, as we think the shop should have taken it out of our hands. They made the mistake!!

Now it's waiting for their reaction.


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