Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last day of January 2016

Another weekend has moved into the past.

Because we had gone to the shops on Friday and Mister didn't want to go far because of the weather... (I think he feels the wind worse than we all do) he slept in...again. But finally, when the morning had turned to afternoon we told him he had to move, because he and we wanted to say goodbye to the owner of our much loved bookshop, or the much loved owner of the bookshop.
The shop is closing, because she'll be leaving for america soon.

If I had the money I would buy the shop and start a second hand bookshop annex coffee corner and neighbourhood library.

When we arrived there she had put a large table in the middle of the almost empty shop with coffee and tea and cake. People were sitting around it and talking to each other.
Her large dog was a bit upset because of so many people.

For the last time we went through the books which were still there.
I bought a very old fashioned version of the book I was given as a first to own by my gram. It seemed to be a worthy goodbye for myself.

We had coffee and cake and admired the other table full of plants and flowers (including one of us) and then I said goodbye to the dog.

He was the first dog in years that didn't make me feel afraid, and even though he is very large I would adopt him as mine if I was asked.
Then we said our final goodbyes and went.

Today was a busy day.
Mister went to one son in the afternoon and went with another to the cinema, for the last time this month.
The son took the car with him to his home and then the oldest rang: needed to be fetched from the train station and brought home.
Since the timetable of the trains has changed he can hardly reach his home on Sunday evening.

And now it's finally quiet.

Lots of work is waiting for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
For the whole of February, to be precise.


Unconscious Mutterings 678

  1. Woke :: I woke up
  2. Postcard :: Used to collect them
  3. Blizzard :: Storm with snow
  4. Pooch :: extension
  5. Constipated :: clogged bowels
  6. Pastel :: soft colour
  7. Edge :: painful corner
  8. Mother :: I'm one
  9. Linger :: overstay
  10. Header :: title

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't You Care?

1) What's something that seems to fascinate everyone else, but you just don't care about?

Most of the time it's the other way around.
It's celebrities. I don't care what they do. They have their own lives and it should stay that way.
So when someone comes home with the free trainpaper and wants to inform me about things one of those TV people has done I politely ask to be kept in the dark about it.

2) The lyrics refer to "the times we cried and laughed." Which did you do more recently, cry or laugh?

I always laugh, even when I have to cry.

3) In the song, our hero seems surprised that his girlfriend doesn't believe him. Are you more believing and trusting, or suspicious and skeptical?

Depends on the subject.
As a scientist I'm very skeptical, but I tend to believe and trust people.

4) This song is just over two minutes long, which seems short for a song but awful long when Sam is waiting for her chicken soup to heat in the microwave. What's the last thing you heated in a microwave?

I don't use it often.
It was applepie... yes, applepie.

5) This week's band, The Buckinghams, was one of the first acts to perform at Chicago's premiere summer festival, The Taste of Chicago.* Let's think ahead: Have you made any plans for Summer 2016?

No real plans.
maybe we have to move house, maybe I can finally visit London, or maybe I can finally go to Scotland.

6) In 1967, when this song was popular, Rolling Stone magazine published its first issue. What magazines do you subscribe to? Do they arrive in the mail, or do you read them online?

I still read some medical journals; they arrive in the mail.
Like the Journal of Oncology, the Journal of Midwifery, of the lungfoundation and of a heartfoundation.

7) Country star/American Idol judge Keith Urban was born in 1967. Are you watching the final season of American Idol?

No. I'm not american.

8) In 1967, the average cost of a movie ticket was $1.25. By 2015, it had risen $8.60. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

Star Wars... for free.

9) Random question: Sam's taking everyone out to dinner and she's buying. Would you prefer the steak or the lobster?

I can deal with the steak, but I like lobster too.
Yea, lobster.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Because the wind was blowing so hard

It's never possible to plan something.
There's always something happening and I'm the one who needs to adjust.

Today I needed to clean the floor downstairs, needed to put some things in the attick...which is quite an effort, do some sowing, hang the laundry outside, etc etc. Which translates into: I needed to be able to move freely through the house.

No problem with the girls to school and training, and the rest away too.


Mister decided to stay at home and work from home....because the wind was blowing so hard.
No gale force expected, just a moderate windforce and a bit of rain. No storm or attacks on his stability. (I can assure you he's quite fixed to the ground as the gravity forces have enough room to get a grip.)

This translates into: I sit in front of the door to the garden, so each time you want to hang a towel outside you have to ask and I'll complain. Also: I can't deal with the troubles with internet everybody in the neighbourhood experiences, so I'll complain all day, accuse others of stealing my internetspeed, I need a lot of attention and when I move around I'll sigh.

I was patient all morning, but reaching lunch I didn't feel as patient anymore.
Already I'd decided to stripe away some plans from the list, move some things to next week and act like I'm 60. So I sat down with a cuppa and said we needed groceries.

He absolutely loves getting groceries, he can walk through shops all day, read the texts on the same tin over and over again each time he's in the same shop and he either leans on the shopping cart like he's a grocery item himself...but with legs which don't fit in the car... or he runs around like he's won 1 minute free shopping.

So we went to the shops.
The weather was gorgeous! Lots of rays pouring from the sun, Lots of birds in the sky, an almost white heron near the water.
He was in a good mood and decided we could have a look for his new reading/computer glasses.

When we came home son nr 2 called to ask him if he wanted to go to the cinema in the evening.
Then he decided I wanted to go to.

Over 4 times I had to find reasons not to go: headache, backpain....
It went a bit quiet when son 3 decided to go too.

The cinema has each month a special offer. This months people who have their birthday in January have to pay nothing at all, except for the extra's, like 3-d glasses, and half of my kids and both parents celebrate their birthday in January, so....

They went a bit past 21.00 hours, to be there in time.
They didn't come home... until... over 1 hour after midnight.
It had been a very long movie.... and it had been boring. (Sttt..... hahahahaha!!!!)

In the meantime the girls and I had a lovely time, watching TV, talking, trying out nailpolish, and more talking.
We made a package of chocolate cookies feel appreciated and even did the dishes.



Friday 5: sense

  1. How would you describe your sense of direction

    It used to be very good, but the past years, to be honest, it's a bit less.

  2. Whose sense of humor is most like yours?

    That's a difficult question. I used to have a friend who could laugh about the same things. All what was needed was a short look at each other and I had difficulty keeping a smile hidden.

  3. What film’s or novel’s sense of place really impressed you?

    Sense of place.
    Most movies about climbing are very accurate.
    A while ago I read a book about women travelling the north- and south pole. To be precise: about the McVities All Women’s Penguin Polar Relay 1997 and M&G ISA South Pole Expedition 1999. I was very impressed by the descriptions.

  4. When did you most recently and accurately sense danger?

    When we were on our way to an airshow I really, really, really wanted to be. I had asked before if the watersupply of the car had been filled, asked about 5 times the day before. Well, the car caught fire because all the water had vanished....
    When the fire was gone we left Mister "No need to fill the water stop asking stupid questions." with the car waiting for the tow service and went to the show, which was above a field at the same road.
    When the tow service arrived we hurried to the right place, which was beside a garage at the end of the road.
    Again I had to wait and I went top the parking space to put a few airplanes that passed above it on camera and wave at them.
    A B25 flew over extremely low, while I stood there. I could see the pilot and he waved back. When he turned for the last time he flew over with a wing down, which is a greeting.
    I still don't know who the pilot was, but I want to thank him for that wonderful experience.

  5. How would you describe the scent of your car’s interior?

    Just neutral. I'm allergic to those smelly things for the car and smoking is not allowed. And the car is rather old: so it smells neutral.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday 13 - 2

Yesterday it was my birthday but people forgot or didn't care, and one friend was ill.
So I didn't feel it was a birthday at all.
Only the girls tried to make it special, so we had a kind of "girls gathering" this afternoon.
The girls had individually found a few presents for me, made tea and coffee and we had a nice time.
This is what I had for my birthday:

  1. Crayons and a black butterfly to write on
  2. A blue candle that is supposed to smell after white lotus, but smells like soap
  3. A duo photo frame with hearts for the photos
  4. A small tin box with a lovely text, stating I'm the best mom
  5. Lovely blue earplugs
  6. A 25 cm silver-looking owl, which is a photo frame.
  7. A candle with Mrs. Claus' applepie fragrance
  8. Cookies (we made them disappear at teatime), plain and with cheese. The plain ones disappeared with mutual consent during teatime.
  9. A pillow with an artsy elephant.
  10. A bag with 10 breadrolls smelling like salmon
  11. A Robert Burns dinner, from my oldest son
  12. A wooden box with hematite and pearlish beads, from a friend
  13. A hat looking like a cake with candles.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My sweet 60

Two years ago I thought I'd never make it: 60.
When I was young I thought I would be old at: 60.
Some say that wisdom starts at: 60.
And others say it's the age you don't have to care what others think about you.
And I like that best!

So I bought me weird glasses. Large round ones with moving lines around them. Like someone scetched the frame.
It's a golden colour, like the elderly used to wear when I was young, and it's supposed to be for sunglasses, but I use it for clear glasses.
And I bought me a fedora hat.
Bought one during the summer, and asked my daughter to bring the winter edition. I thought it was 10 euro, but it was 3, because of the sales.
When it was up to me I would buy a trenchcoat to go with the new look, but I don't think I can here....

It feels strange to buy myself some presents, but the person I once married doesn't care one little bit about birthdays.
When I got 50 he didn't bring me something....

I educated the kids well. So there is some fun.
The girls have made or bought me some girly things.
The boys are autistic in different degrees, so the attention ranges from ignoring or forgetting the day to saying "happy birthday" at midnight and cooking dinner. That's what the oldest will do tomorrow. Well, in fact it's Burns Night for the family. We were supposed to celebrate it the 25th, but we were so sad because of the death of Henry, that we agreed to have dinner at my birthday.

Celebrating birthdays was never meant for me.
Didn't have a sweet 16, or a special one when I came of age.
I didn't have a Sara, which women are supposed to get when they celebrate their 50th birthday.
Never got a surprise party.

Maybe it's the lack of proper birthday festivities that kept me young?
I don't feel 60.
In fact I feel surprised I'm 60....
It's a kind of shock to be that old, and still have so many dreams.
I still think in terms of: later.
Maybe I'll meet a man, later, who really cares about me.
I hope that I'll be able to move to Scotland or Wales, ....later.

But will "later" ever come?

The past is full of good and bad memories.
Full of people I've forgotten and people who will always stay with me.
My friend Monica, who died when she was on holiday quite some years ago now. We made plans to sing together when the kids would've grown up.
Some friends from university, who gave me a home in their friendship. They accepted me more than I did myself. How I wish I would be able to see them again. Once more... even when it's once more.
And my first boyfriend. who asked me to marry him after our studies. It never happened. He became one of the richest people in our country, but he has known deep sadness and has made courageous choices. As far as I know he's not in the country now.
I had to call him to ask him something when the school prepared for a reunion, 15 years after we last saw each other. There was no need to say my name. Within seconds he knew who I was. He enthusiastically yelled it in my ear. He was one of the few people who made me feel to be a better person, who kept me in contact with myself, he made me feel beautiful and gave me self-confidence.
My English aunt, my gram and the Hungarian mother of a friend were my mothers. I've tried to find the family of my English aunt, but I haven't succeeded yet.
And my first cardiologist, who saved my life and who was the first person in a long time who understood me, who touched the real me and made me care about myself.

My grandmother said that growing older was hard, because it meant people stayed behind.
She was right.
I feel lonely, because I've outgrown the place where I live, and my own past.

I want to move forward, without leaving the good memories behind.

So I haven't celebrated sweet 16, but I can try to celebrate sweet 60.





Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Henry Worsley, never forgotten

As a little girl I was a dedicated reader.
It was my way of escaping a boring life, a lack of true friends and a lot more.

At the library I was welcomed with cookies and apples, and in the winter with hot chocolate because I would sit down in a corner and read, and sometimes I would still sit there at the end of opening hours. Almost forgotten, but with a smile on my face, dwelling in a life that wasn't mine and in surroundings I will never attend.

It was shortly after I was the only minor that was admitted to read books for grown-ups, because I knew all for my own age, that I found a book about Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. After reading about Sahara expeditions it was like turning from summer to winter in one day when I got lost in the accounts of his expedition to the pole.

Last year I found a very old edition of his book at the second hand bookstore. The book wasn't in one piece anymore, but I felt eager to have it.
To my surprise I got it as a present from the shop-owner, 3 days before my birthday, and I felt like a child that has discovered a treasure in the woods and takes it home.

By that time I knew more about pole-expeditions, had mailed to and fro with some of the sportsmen, and wondered if women would be able to do the same as men.
I was given a book about women walking to the north pole with sledges, and to the south pole.
Without knowing the exact time of departure of Henry Worsley to cross Antarctica on an unaided solo-trip I started reading. A day later a friend told me I started reading when Henry left to fulfill another of his dreams.
While he pulled his sledge, the women in my book pulled theirs.

Henry was one of the few men who caught my attention and gave me inspiration just by being.
My children felt the same and compared him with the same people as I did: a boy I grew up with because he lived just a few doors from my gram's house and who became an army general, a very kind and amiable man who also cared deeply for those who were less lucky at the front, and a dear friend, Richard, who was also driven by both duty, responsibility and sportive challenges.
All men with such an intense expression on their faces that they empower you without even saying a word.

Henry was struggling on his expedition, just as expected.
He lost a lot of weight, his voice became older than before, and he sounded very tired.
We worried about him, not knowing that his wife had asked to bring him home.
But Henry had ordered they could only come to fetch him at his request.
It took him two days to take the last hurdle: himself.
No matter how hard the doctors tried to save him, the exhaustion and the peritonitis were stronger, and Henry died from organ failure, three days before my birthday.

I knew it before it was officially announced. I woke up with a bad mood, just like before when a dear friend died. It was like something was changed that shouldn't have been changed.

Henry died at the age of 55.

He'll never be forgotten.

My heartfelt condolences to his wife, children, family, friends and colleagues.



Monday, January 25, 2016

MGM 216 Bloggers: virus

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

Two weeks ago I read on FB that a woman was diagnosed with the Zeka-virus.
I'd never heard about it so I looked it up. It was the Zika-virus, which causes in grown ups most of the times only mild symptoms, like a light fever, conjunctivitis and a headache.
It's spread by the Aedes mosquitoes, also called the yellow fever mosquitoes, which can be found in the tropics and subtropical regions and at some other locations where they have traveled to using protection in human belongings and fruit.
The past days there have been reports suggesting human-to-human transmission is possible and the consequent examination of bodily fluids have revealed the virus in semen.

The virus has caused already thousands of babies with microcephaly. That means that the skull of the babies is smaller than might be expected for the age of the baby and the brain is underdeveloped.
Some children are born with a normal skull but still have an underdeveloped brain and show during their development a receding forehead and small skull.
Microcephaly can result in a lot of problems, ranging from failure to thrive to behavioral disturbances, disturbances in movement, impaired intellectual development, seizures and premature death.

The prevalence of Zika-virus affected children is in certain areas as high as 1 in 5, which has led some governments to tell people to wait with getting pregnant and to give travel-advice for women who are pregnant or who want to get pregnant.
(So the influence on semen is not taken into account at the moment. The travel-advice should stretch to men who want to become a father too.)

There is no vaccine available at the moment.

Since I heard about the virus much more information has become available.
last week I wondered why my country didn't give a travel-advice to people going to overseas areas or come from the areas which are affected, and why the media didn't report about the dangers of the virus, as there were cases in The Netherlands too.
But yesterday it was finally all over the news and all I can hope is that no babies are born because of the delay in informing the media.

I remember when I was ill when I was in a childcare home wen I was 8. I caught scarlet fever and was isolated in a little room that provided a place for a bed and 1 meter beside it. I was very ill and I can't remember much of the first weeks there. They thought I would die, but I didn't.
I slowly recovered and started to put things in my memory again.
The loneliness was enormous. I only saw a doctor and a nurse a few times a day. That was it. No book, no paper and pencils. Until my aunt made such a stampede that she was allowed in and gave me a long thick thread and a box with beads. When I was bored with making a simple bracelet I made all sorts of things, like a doll, a dog and lots more.
The beads were so important that I remember them very well, but I can't remember the day the door was opened and I was allowed out.

Have you ever been kept hostage by a virus?

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chocolate of the luxury kind at night

This is chocolate.
Of the luxury kind.
I found a piece in the sales and I'm glad I bought it. It's delicious! White chocolate with cranberries and other berries and yoghurt. Absolutely delicious.
So I'm eating it now... it's melting on my tongue.
A moment of utter enjoyment.

My son was accepted as a photographer at a local newsservice this week.
The alarm went of in the middle of the night, so he jumped in his trousers, put the rest of his clothes on, took his coat with logo and hurried down the stairs to jump in our car (he was allowed to borrow it for a night) and drive..... to our neighbourhood.
Two cars were on fire and the firefighters decided to evacuate the people who loved in the house, because the cars were too near the house for them to be safe.

It was a few houses away from our friends and two roads away from us.

He interviewed the police, took photos, went home when the firefighters were done and wrote an article.

Today it was at the paper and his friends have spread it all over internet. LOL!

Problem is that they assume that the fires were lit on purpose. Maybe for fun... what fun? ... maybe for other reasons.

So now I'm up all night to keep watch.
It's what I used to do before I got ill two years ago: organizing and conducting a neighbourhood watch.

Last night I didn't sleep well, so after one of my daughters went to the ballet academy early this morning I went back to bed and fell asleep while listening to the radio. Woke up at lunchtime and nearly took my morning pills again...Ooops.
We went to get groceries, and when we came back home ate with the family present and watched The Voice UK and Casualty.

I love the silence of the night.
It's the only time it's quiet in the house and there's not a chance someone walks in, sits down and wants me to listen or to solve problems.
It's the best time to think about things and to have the feeling of being myself.

I wonder if I'll ever find a partner that makes me feel the same way during the day.



Saturday, January 23, 2016

The One You Love

1) In this song, Glenn explores one of the great romantic conundrums. This week, Saturday 9 is confronting it, too. If you had to choose, would you prefer to be loved, or to be in love?

I've been in love far more than the other way 'round. As far as I know...
So it would be nice to be loved for once. But I think I have some requirements considering the guy....

2) The song describes an awkward moment: an old boyfriend calls when a woman is on a date with someone new. To whom did you last say, "I can't talk now?"

Can't remember I ever did that.

3) The lyrics talk about heart vs head. When you find yourself in that predicament, which usually wins -- heart or head?


4) This song was from Glenn Frey's solo album, No Fun Aloud. What fun stuff are you looking forward to this weekend?

Not this weekend, but on monday: Robert Burns night with the family.

5) Glenn Frey was born in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. The Motor City is known for car manufacturing. Is your car domestic or foreign?

Our car is foreign.

6) The popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement was set in Royal Oak. Are you handy around the house?

Oh yes. I have to. The male part of the pair drills holes straight through walls, and that's about the only thing he does.

7) Glenn Frey co-founded The Eagles in 1970. What's your favorite Eagles song?

Changes with my mood.

8) The Eagles helped define "California Rock," but in recent years Glenn and his wife lived in Tribeca. Have you ever been to New York? If so, did you like it?

No never. I think I'll like it.
When an affordable flight would come along I might take it...but I don't know where to stay.
Can't afford a dog, so can't afford New York.

9) Glenn wrote "Smuggler's Blues" and "You Belong to the City" for the iconic 1980s TV show, Miami Vice. What else comes to mind when you think of the 80s?

Lots of music, ridiculous hair do's, clothes with holes in them....

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My news of January 22 2016

Today was a day full of news.

Son 2 Showed his new coat with the logo of one of the local news services.
He was asked to be one of their "writing photographers", which means: a photographer who is able to collect the news behind the photo and write an article about it.
He was very happy about it, even though it's an unpaid job. It means he'll get more experience and maybe a paid job in due time.

It's fun he's following in my footsteps.

Son 1 told me he would be part of a team that controls worksituations on the trains.
He first has to go an a course, leading to an official diploma, so it'll take some time before he can do the job.
He loves travelling around, so it's perfect for him.

Less positive were the reports on the media about the Zeka virus, also called Zika virus.
I already heard about the dangers of microcephaly for the children of pregnant women, and I wondered why the media paid no attention to the subject. But today was the day people were informed.
Some countries told their pregnant inhabitants not to travel to South America.
Ofcourse my country didn't, but women here were wise enough to ask their travel agency for a different trip. Most got a transfer of their travel plans.
Well if it was about the health of my unborn baby I wouldn't go to those danger zones and maybe refrain from travelling at all.
I've heard on fb of at least one person ill here in The Netherlands. A not officially confirmed case.
I was glad with the cold weather because there will be less bugs during the summer, but now it feels even better.
This year I will be more alert for places in the garden with a bit of water. I'll clean them and dry them, so the larvae won't be able to survive there.

Other news was that the flu is troubling people in this area too. It's the H1N1-variety, meaning it can be dangerous for me.
The past years however I got the flue before we were called for the official flu shot, and the same happened this year. So I've skipped the rather controversial shot.

Well, let's have something nice before I close this post.
My oldest came here and cooked for us.
Because I had a very bad night with just 2 hours of sleep I took a nap and woke up just before dinner.
Lucky me!

Have a nice weekend!



Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday 5: Balance

  1. When opposing forces in your life pull you in different directions, how do you recenter yourself and find balance?

    I have a look at where both directions stand in position to which person I want to be or want to become.
    And I just be that person.
    Being myself makes it relatively easy to make a choice.

  2. What are often the greatest threats to your overall balance?

    Being too tired because too many people ask me to do things.
    With 4 kids with special needs there´s always something going on, so...
    I also can´t deal with injustice and people having an opinion about me which is very far beside the true me.

  3. If you could add just a little more of one thing to your life and have a little less of another, what would they be?

    Little less stress, and a lot more money, so I can realize a dream or two.

  4. What are pluses and minuses of hanging out with mercurial people, and what are pluses and minuses of hanging out with even-keeled people? Which tend to populate your social groups most?

    My social world is absolutely minimal at the moment.
    I don´t mind people changing their mood, as long as they don´t blame others or me. I like the dynamics of life and of people. But I also had some friends who were very even/keeled. Some gave me a very calm feeling, others were just plain boring.

  5. What’s you greatest challenge in maintaining a balanced diet?
    Salt. I love to eat spinach with lots of salt, but I shouldn´t because of my heart problems.
    I´m on a balanced diet for so long, because of my diabetes, that the adjustments I had to make for my heartproblems were simple.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

So: no dog.

The car-mirror was fixed today, and right after that we hit the road to get the groceries in.
One of our sons went with us and that made the whole to-do less boring.
I managed to find a sweater for our other son's birthday, but at home it turned out that it didn't fit him. No problem. Within a few seconds our youngest daughter put it on and showed it.

We had a quiet evening, which I didn't mind, and when everyone was either gone home or to bed, I once again put up a discussion about getting a dog.

It's my all time dream to have a beagle. It's an active dog, with a mind of it's own, so it's fun to deal with and it'll make me go outside every day to walk him.
I can have a dog from someone who lives about an hour away by car and I was very much looking forward to say "yes" to the request if I could take him, because the present owner got another job with far more hours.

But we can't manage the financial part of it.
As the cost of health insurance is very high, the kids can't pay it all themselves and we have to jump in every month, not only for those living at home, but also for those living elsewhere.
Time to inform the politicians about this.
We have loaned them thousands, and unless we get that back we're too tight to have a dog.

So I had to let her know we won't be taking her dog.
I feel very sad.

Not only did my cardiologist advice to get a dog, it would also be good for my youngest daughter who suffers muscle disease.

I was so looking forward to have a dog at my next birthday, next week.

Now I just feel it'll be like another day... 60 ... just a birthday about getting old, useless and lonely.



Thursday 13 - 1

So here we go:

  1. I started blogging before the year 2000. 
  2. I think it was 1991 when I was invited by Harriet to try a new blogging system.
  3. I was hooked immediately.
  4. Most of the time I blog after midnight, when it's silent.
  5. I've been able to buy my bagpipes with what I saved over the years from publishing links. That was a lot of years ago, a lot. I can play rather well.
  6. My favorite tune is: Highland Cathedral.
  7. Now there a few babies in the neighbourhood I don't exercise anymore at home on the highland pipes. I use the smallpipes, Their noise is contained in the house.
  8. I haven't blogged in 2015, because I was too busy dealing with my heartproblems and educating people about the influence of heartproblems on daily life, and with supporting my children.
  9. People who know me I have two huge dreams: living in Scotland or Wales and having a beagle (dog)
  10. I'm always short of money because money disappears into the mouth of children and what's left goes to their education, lifestyle and hobbies.
  11. So I'll probably never realize my dreams.
  12. I love dollhouses 1:12 and 1:24.  I bought a dollhouse to compensate that I couldn't move around in life the way I wanted due to my heart. I didn't want to become depressed and needed something to do at days I had trouble doing my things in the house.
  13. This was my first thursday 13 and now you know a little bit about me.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The mirror and the flu

Mister himself is not a very good driver.
(No, he doesn't read this blog. LOL!)

For the second time I managed to hit the mirror against a roadside pole.
I have to admit that the road at that certain place is far too small and the other drivers are going far too fast in the bend, so they press other cars against the poles.
But it was the second time. At the same day he hit the mirror a second time, so it needed some repair to be able to go home. The duct tape that's always in the car was very useful.

Today our son had the car and the police brought him to a standstill.
They had a lot to tell him, were very intimidating, but send him away with a warning. Next time he would get a fee of about 140 euros.

Pity none of them knew the law well enough.
The car is made before 2010, so there is absolutely no need to have an outside mirror when the inside mirror gives a good sight on the road.
Well, the inside mirror gives a perfect view on the road.

So the whole incident was completely unnecessary.

The result is, however, that dear son will fix the mirror tomorrow.
Otherwise he would have waited ages and he's the only one who can properly attach a new mirror on this car.

In the evening the media reported that a new influenza epidemic has started.
It's the so-called Mexican flu. According to the reports even healthy people are admitted to hospitals with pneumonia.
(Interesting to use healthy and pneumonia in one sentence this way.)
When I tried to check the numbers, the official site that publishes these figures couldn't be accessed.
So I tried a site where people can report their symptoms and which follows the trends in flu cases each year.
They say there is not an epidemic....

Guess the official site has been taken offline for corrections of their data...

As I planned to visit my GP to discuss the results of my bloodtests I have to think if I want to go.
His waitingroom is always full of people, it's too hot there and the waitingtime is often about an hour.
That means a complete hour of exposure.
Not very wise with my heartproblems.
maybe he can deal with me by mail.
I'll mail him tomorrow.

I'm already sneezing.....



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TSW Daybook 1

A new line of posts for my renewed blog.
Each month the participants get a number of questions and as often as they feel they can answer them.
Here's my first

For Today...
I wanted to have some rest, but as so often there was too much to do.
Well, I was able to spend some tiny rearranging my room, but it's very very far from finishing.
I worked on the tiles in the bathroom, when some males came back from the cinema. Most of us have free entrance because it's our birthday this month.
Ofcourse they needed my attention, so I have to work more tomorrow.
Told them not to shower too long because they might cause a leakage.

Outside my window...
I see a bit of snow and clear blue skies with white and grey clouds. A bit of snow was expected, but nothing....

I am thinking...
I need to find a present for one of my sons who has his birthday next tuesday.

I am thankful...
the girls are at home today. It makes me feel a bit better as lunch etc is so much more cozy.

I am wearing...
very warms socks and an old fleece cardigan that needs to go. But it's so cold, I don't want to try out a new cardigan.

I am creating...
a bucket list.

I am going...
to walk in the snow as soon as it starts snowing.

I am wondering...
if they have applied for the dog we found on internet.

I am reading...
some old magazines to clean up a pile.

I am hoping...
the fugitives are not too cold. They're used to far much warmer weather.

I am learning...
the Tibetan language, but it's so difficult to do that on your own without any help.

In my garden...
there are still 3 blue flowers, we call them cornflowers here. December has been far too warm and they're not killed by two nights of frost.

In my kitchen...
I made dinner today.
The girls peeled the potatoes (due to allergies I can't do that) and I peeled the carrots and sliced them, peeled the unions.
Then cooked the potatoes and carrots, and baked the unions.
Put them together with some salt and pepper and beef stock.
And I cooked pears.

A favorite quote for today...
Never expect snow before the first flake.

A peek into one of my days...
makes clear I'm never able to finish what I want to do.

One of my favorite things...
is singing along with music I hear, but when it's late in the evening I never do it because I don't want to wake up the neighbours.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

MGM 2016 bloggers: medical experiments

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

The main subject of discussion in my family was the turmoil about the medical experiments in France.
Healthy people participated in a trial to test painmedication from a firm in Portugal.
The main content was Cannabis, they said, or something cannabis related.
The testing organisation didn't know the specifics of the substance, so when things went wrong and the testpersons showed problems they didn't know what to do.
Result: 1 person braindead, 5 others critically ill.

A few hours after the media reported this a minister stated the medication didn't contain cannabis and the French paper Le Monde reported that the experiment was testing medication against moodchanges for Parkinson patients.

Before medication is tested on humans it's most of the time tested on animals, after...yes after a theoretical model has been submitted in which clearly is stated how the medication works or is supposed to be working.
When it has been tested on animals and is clearly and without doubt working, and working better than existing medications, it needs to be submitted to another commission which decides if the experiment is allowed to be done with humans.

This involves healthy humans who volunteer to be test subject.
They are examined thoroughly before the experiments start and are watched closely. If possible in a clinical setting.
To find enough people they are paid.

When the testresults from these experiments are again showing that they work and work better than existing medication the results are again submitted to a commission which decides that the meds can be used in a trial on real patients.

People are asked if they want to participate when it's expected they can gain improvement from the medication.
In some tests also people who couldn't be helped by other meds are included.

When these tests, on improvement on the short and long term and side-effects, are done, another independent commission decides if these meds are allowed on the market.
Sometimes other tests are included in this sequence.

From this we can draw the conclusion that these meds were not researched very far, as they were used on volunteer healthy people, but had proven that they maybe could benefit humans.

We live in a university city and we have here a research institute.
So regularly we're confronted with calls for healthy subjects or volunteer patients.

None of us has ever participated, simply because we know that even when animal research shows no bad effect, a substance can cause havoc in humans.
But to be honest: I have been tempted by the money.
To earn more than 2000 euro by laying in bed and feeling a bit strange because of medication I'm using while I don't have the disease has been quite a nice idea in times when I had almost no money.
But the risk... the risks....

I'm happy none of the children ever contemplated taking part.

And you?
Would you help the medical profession to find a cure for something by volunteering in medical substance research?

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Unconscious Mutterings 677

  1. Holiday :: Yes please: Scotland or anywhere near the sea.
  2. Timeframe :: Figuring out times of friends
  3. Initiative :: Start realizing idea
  4. Grinding :: Grinding with Laane, was a meme.
  5. Shouting :: Yelling (hate it!)
  6. Liver :: Surprise disease.
  7. Extension :: I would love nice hairextensions
  8. Taxes :: Half the money for roads I never use.
  9. Obnoxious :: Toxic
  10. Ten minutes :: to make quick dinner.

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The honor of laundry

To be honest, I expected a thick layer of snow in the morning.
But what fell last evening was all we got.

The photo aside was taken a few years ago, when everything was covered in a few centimeters and there was a bit of fog, so in the morning the branches of the trees where white too.
Today the sun melted the few snowpearls on the trees rather quick.
Half of the snow on the ground has gone.
But it's slippery outside now and the temperatures have dropped below zero celcius. Right now it's between -4 and -7.5.

In the north of the country they are preparing the ice for iceskating.
It's just for a short time, because a bit more snow is expected for tuesday and after thursday all is gone.

Today was a boring day.
The girls had to work, their father went to our classical autistic son in the afternoon, and went to one of those James Bond movies with son 2 in the evening.

I had the honor of laundry. Lots of it.
It didn't make me feel happy... oh no.
I felt used. I feel used.
It's like I'm running a hotel all by myself, and none cares and none pays.

With a non-existent dinner (one of the girl was out for dinner with a friend, the other ate at her work) I felt like I'd rather had been at the northpole, dragging a sleigh behind me, trying to find the flag of the ultimate top of the earth....

Well... I changed the look of the site a bit.. so that was useful behaviour.

Tomorrow one of my daughters will apply for a dog to give me for my birthday.
My idea.

Just 10 more days.....


First snow 2016

Yes!! My world is white!
During the day we had a few showers, but the snow disappeared, because the temperature of the air and the ground was a bit too high.
But the sky was clear when the evening began and the temperature dropped soon.

Then we sat together in the livingroom, spending our saturday evening with watching casualty and we completely forgot about the weather.
When I had a look at about 11.30 pm the world was white!

Because I had to go outside to put a birthday card in the mailbox of a friend, I saw that it was not soft fluffy snow, but it was in fact hail.
It looked like artificial snow, like those tiny snowballs of tempex. But it felt great. It crushed under my shoes.

I don't know why snow always makes me happy.
Ofcourse I realize it's inconvenient for many people.
Both my daughters have to leave their home early in the morning to go to work. One on her bicycle, using the roads that already have been salted today.
The other should go by bus, but can't because she has to leave far too early. So her brother will bring her by car.
I hope they stay safe.

But after they've given me a call they've arrived OK and my son is home again, I'll look outside with a warm feeling of content.
And when more snow makes our dull streets into romantic passages I'll take my boots and camera and have a good walk in the snow.
I simply love it!



A new look and...working comments

I don't really like the look of the blog...yet.
So I have to do quite a lot to adjust it.
the comments are working!!

I'm so happy with that.
No need for a special plug-in anymore.

Don't worry. Your comments are not lost.
I've saved them all.

It's far past midnight,
so I'll do a few things and then have some sleep.

Maybe put another blogpost in...a bit later.


New look

I'm going to work on a new look, so in case the site looks a mess: please come back later.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Let's Dance (1983)

1) In this song, David encourages his partner to "put on your red shoes and dance." When did you last dance?

Don't tell the family: yesterday.
I heard such good music, I just has to dance in the livingroom.

2) Mr. Bowie recalled that he and choreographer Toni Basil developed a dance step now known as "the moonwalk" for his 1974 tour, nearly a decade before Michael Jackson performed "Billie Jean." Can you think of something you should have gotten credit for, but didn't?

Quite a lot of things, to be honest.
I try and feed politicians with new ideas to make life better for people.
Like the law on burial of preterm babies.
After a miscarriage and preterm birth people were not allowed to bury their preterm children of a gestation shorter than 28 weeks. I urged questions in parliament and it resulted in a change of law.

I also worked very hard in hospitals so parents of babies that died were able to see and hold their children and even dress them themselves. That was quite something in an era that parents were not allowed to see their children anymore after death.

Oh, and there's so much more....

3) Similarly, the band Roxy Music was upset because Bowie copied their "catsuit look" for his own stage wardrobe and made it famous. What do you usually wear, Monday through Friday?

I used to dance in a nice catsuit.... Oh..memories!
Now I like flowing pants with a t-shirt or something like home.
And outside something more decent.

4) David Bowie was particular about the aftershave he wore, and one of his favorites was by Guerlain. Do you regularly apply cologne or aftershave?

Not regularly. But sometimes, just a bit.

5) In school, David's best subject was art. Think back to your own school days. In which class did you excel?


6) In addition to art and music, David Bowie displayed a keen head for business, leaving a fortune of more than $600,000,000. Would you describe yourself as "good with money?"


7) Bowie also appeared in a variety of movies from The Man Who Fell to Earth to Zoolander. Who is your alltime favorite movie actor?

Alltime....No alltime.

8) One of Bowie's hits is "Life on Mars." If you had the opportunity to travel into space, would you take it?

Ofcourse!! It's one of my impossible see the world from the space station.

9) The creators of SpongeBob Square Pants are huge Bowie fans and were thrilled when, in 2007, he appeared in an episode. Sam suspects that she may be the only person who hasn't seen that cartoon show. What about you? Have you ever watched an episode of SpongeBob, start to finish?


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Friday, January 15, 2016

Men's opinion about fear of women

In a few cities in Germany, at New year's eve, women were robbed and sexually violated by groups of men.
More than 516 women reported these crimes in Cologne. In other cities the numbers are not clear or I can't confirm the numbers.

In Belgium women were also sexually violated in a train by 3 teenagers, and when interviewed some majors in my country admitted they'd heard about violations here too, but in one person to one person situations, no group attacks.

Yet, we feel unsave... and silly because those men get what they want: fearfull women.
We have prepared ourselves mentally to defend ourselves, but we are also aware that one woman alone can't stand a chance against a group of men.

There is a way of defense that is easy to use: pepperspray.
It's illegal here.

Politicians, male ones, tell us that we should show non-violent resistance.

I've spend all day thinking what that is. Which is interesting, because I'm a buddhist and I know what it is.
But how can I stay non-violent when I do not want to accept the violation of my honor when a group of men want to rape me?
How can I defend myself?

Telling a joke won't help.

It's interesting to hear those politicians talk.
Pity that the interviewers were all men, so the most important questions were not asked.

How on earth can I defend myself against violence of a group of men?
I can wear good shoes so I can kick them in the knees, which means I can harm one or two and the rest will get angry and even worse.
I can scratch them, probably with the same result.
I can use hairspray, but it won't work well enough.
I can use invisible colourspray that becomes colour after an hour or so and stays on them for days and can't be washed off.... but they'll rape me anyway.

These politicians have no clue about the experiences of women, no true empathy.
When you want to lead a country, give an answer to one of the most fundamental questions, please.

Hej, that's what I always have to say to the men in my house... and that's even about quite normal and legal situations like putting away the pot with peanutbutter after using it.



Friday 5: SW: TFA

  1. When did you last wear a lei (or something similar)?

    At university... so quite some years ago.
  2. What are your thoughts on organically grown produce?

    It's very expensive here.
    When people think it's more healthy and want to pay for it, it's OK.
    But I can't afford it, so I try to grow my own products and buy the rest at the shop and clean it well.
  3. Which Goldie Hawn movies have you seen?

    I can't remember.
  4. What’s something you’ve recently and reluctantly flown solo on?

    An evening for volunteers.
    I almost always go solo.
  5. What experience do you have with BB or pellet guns?

    They're not allowed here, so I have no experience.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

MGM 2016 Bloggers 2: David Bowie

Monday, Good Morning, dear readers.

The night was very restless. I turned such a lot. Woke up a lot. And then decided to listen to the radio until it was time to go downstairs.
Tired I switched on the TV, while the rest of the family was walking around or getting a shower, fetching things for school or work etc etc.
Then suddenly Louise from BBC One Breakfast get a note in her hands and she announced the death of David Bowie.

I've grown up with him. In a way he was always there, often changing his looks and his music.
While I was getting used to the person I am and discovered all different talents and skills, feelings and friendships, he changed his look and his sound.

He suffered from cancer, what everybody now knows, and he wanted to keep it silent for his fans.
In being the person without the paint, the fancy clothes and the music, he was hiding and fighting the worst battle: for life.
He had finally become the person we all become: the person for himself and his closest family and friends.

Suddenly his music sounded all day and even the girls recognized the songs.
"Are they his? Wow!"
And later: "Are they still his? Amazing."
"Yep, he created music like all colours of the rainbow, and he looked like that too.
But to me he was more interesting when he was without make up and the whole toodoo."

I didn't tell her that he looked a lot like someone who was very close in the past. A dear friend, who drifted away in life when we got older. David kept, unknowingly, his memory alive.

David Bowie: a rainbow, slowly fading, but the memory stays.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Unconscious Mutterings 676

  1. Harbor :: Sea
  2. Mattress :: Sleep
  3. Experience :: Knowledge
  4. Seminar :: Lesson
  5. 2 million :: For me?
  6. Scarf :: With butterflies
  7. Stacked :: Piled
  8. Flowers :: Spring
  9. Bowling :: Noop
  10. Husband :: Pity there was not a guarantee label on him.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Five O'Clock World (1966)

1. Think back to Friday. Did it fly by? Or did you find yourself checking the clock and wishing it was 5:00?

Friday was indeed a day that went by very quick.
To much to do and too much to take care of.

2. This song refers to the 5:00 whistle that signifies the end of the work day. What's the last whistle, alarm or buzzer you heard?

I heard the national alarm at the first monday of the month at 12.00 o'clock.

3. In the 1960s, the Vogues often appeared on TV variety shows to promote their record albums. Do you have the TV on now, as you answer these questions?

I had it on, but as soon as I sat down, someone else took the remote. I was listening to a very funny party program, and now there's some very irritating music on.

4. "Vogue" means "popular or fashionable." Tell us about something that you feel is in vogue today.

An Ikea lamp that you can pull open for more light and push closed for less light. Love it!

5. Vogue magazine reported that the big Fall/Winter trend was brocade. Describe the latest addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

A sweater, bought in the sales.
It's pink, because I finally want to wear pink when I want to wear it.

6. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is such a difficult boss that disgruntled employees nicknamed her "Nuclear Wintour." What qualities do you think make a good boss?

Good mood, empathic, clear about expectations, taking away stress.

7. Ms. Wintour was rumored to be the inspiration for the character of Amanda in the book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Did you receive any books or movies for Christmas 2015? Did you receive any gift cards that you then used for books or movies?

No, we don't do presents here at christmas.
I got some very nice cards, but no gift cards.

8. "Vogue" was also a dance, made famous by Madonna in her 1990 hit by the same name. Can you name another Madonna song?

No...I can't, sorry Madonna.

9. Random question from a Sat9-er: How organized are your clean clothes? (Stacked in piles, folded neatly in drawers, still in the dryer....?)

I dry them in the open air, not in a dryer.
When they're dry I fold them and put them on a pile, before they go in the drawers.

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Good buys at the sales for ballet

I overslept today, which didn't matter too much.
I was far too tired.
Problem was that we had to get our new glasses and the shop was absolutely filled.
First we waited a while.
The oldest son rang that he was at the railway station about half an hour later and would come to us if we had some good plans.

So we decided to visit the sports shop after all, which meant an hour drive.
I had only eaten a banana, so I tried to fetch something, but mister himself had so much problems walking that we stood in the shop for glasses again, he leaning on the counter.

The waiting line didn't show any improvement, so we decided to leave again.

At the sports shop I found what I was looking for: a ballet legging and ballettrousers.
I've decided to try ballet again, training with the teachers and with a dear friend as teacher.
She knows about my health problems, so nothing can go wrong.

Then we found a box with ballet shirts for 1 euro each. Top-quality. Just the colours of last season.
So I got ten of them,. For me and the girls.
The men found themselves shoes, which made me laugh a lot.
My son had prefect shoes, by his dad bought...trekker shoes. LOL! He is too lazy to walk a hundred meters to buy me a breadroll or to wait until I have bought one, and when he could park his car in the hall of the shops he would.
Well, he bought the shoes..hihi.

When we went home it was already dark.
As my sons house was on the way to our house we decided to eat there.
A whole day surviving on a banana is not good for someone with diabetes.

At home the girls admired my clothes, which are just the old fashioned ballet outfits, without the folded cardigan around the hips.
I've promised myself I won't do that.
So I'm almost 60 and restarting ballet for the second time.
The last time I did I was 43 or something like that.

Problem is that this time I'd rather have a good job as a choreographer...
But I have to start somewhere.
Let's see what life brings.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday 5: slow

  1. What’s something you make that takes a really long time to cook?

  2. Eh.. let's think. Having 6 kids which needed a lot of extra attention, I never had a lot of time to cook. So I'm a specialist at quick cooking. But I used to make things that needed a lot of time and energy. Like homemade soup, with all the fresh veggies and meat sliced very little. And then first the meat, on the stove with cold water....***memories drifting...*** yep, I know: pea soup. First finding the good ingredients is quite a job, and then I first put in cold water the pig's leg, bring it slowly to a boil, then put the flame as low as possible, add sliced carrots and a lot of other stuff that needs to be cut and sliced, and in the end the dried peas. It takes hours to soften them. When they're soft the meat goes out, cools down and the fat and skin is thrown away, the meat is sliced and the bone is used for some kid's fun or engraving exercises. Then it is heated on the lowest flame during a few more hours, with herbs and spices, and then it can be eaten.

  3. Of books you’ve completed, which took you the most time to get from beginning to end?

  4. That's a difficult question. I can't remember. Sorry.

  5. What’s a movie that seemed much longer than it was?

  6. Most movies the men here like. Like James Bond....

  7. Who was your partner for your first slow dance?

  8. Oh dear...who was that... I think it was one of my best friends, but not my boyfriend.

  9. What decision are you dragging your feet toward making?

  10. Taking up my own life and leave the kids to live their own. My relationship is none existing, we're living together for the children. I'm kind of lonely, but I'm also emotionally free. So when I meet the right person... or when the children all move on.... then it's me time.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thinking today, january 7 2016

Oh, I need to get used to the new year.
Writing 2015 when I mean 2016 doesn't do this year any justice.
Some accuracy is needed, especially now this year already has set a firm record.

For days on end the north of the country was covered in a thick layer of ice, due to ice rains and frost. Code red weather alarm was in place for days.
People were able to skate on the streets, something I've done about 30 years ago.
Unlike then schools were closed, and there were no busses, nor trains.
The weather took us all by surprise after a december without any frosty nights. This has never happened since the weather recording started.

In a way the weather has been driven backstage, due to the alarming news about mob attacks on women in German cities. Far more than hundred women were robbed and sexually and otherwise assaulted during new year's eve by a large number of men. Some women also suffered bad burns.
It has been on the news all day and it's the first subject people talk about when they meet each other.

In a conversation with a friend we realized with a shock that the police could have prevented this all. It was said in the news that they knew there would be problems. But they never expected it would be at such a large scale.
Well, hej...even when you can prevent one woman from being attacked you're doing your job!

We also spoke about the economical situation, as the chinese stockmarket got shut again, and caused a worldwide downfall of the stockmarkets.
I wrote quite a few articles about this when I worked at the paper and china started to buy businesses and estates in many countries. I warned for an economical downfall of china and that it would pull the world economy down with it.
A country that doesn't care for the human rights of what they call it's own people certainly won't care for others, human rights or money.
It feels sad.

I warned about two years ago an apple farmer nearby not to accept an offer of a chinese firm. They wanted to invest in his farm, because they wanted his apples. Instead of buying the apples against the open market price, they bought more than half of his farm. Now china lowers it's import he can't get rid of his apples. They certainly won't give him financial help and the banks here won't invest at all. So it's the end of a very old farm.

Maybe I shouldn't think about matters like these, but I do. I can't stop myself.
What do you think about when you hear the news?


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The press in 2016

Journalism has been a blessing and a curse, depending how freedom of speech is valued and the government can deal with criticism.
In the past and even today many countries make the press speak the "language" of the government.

In a way a free press is the expression of a democratic government.
The public is allowed to read, see and hear all sorts of opinions and views, so people can create a well informed opinion themselves.

In countries where people are not allowed to form their own opinion the press is used to manipulate people by allowing only information that is considered to be in line with the views of the government.

Right now Poland is subject of intense debate.
Even the European Union has mixed itself into the discussion by pointing out that the way the new Polish government deals with the media is not allowed in a democratic Europe.

This new government has a different view on life than the former one and it has a new goal: to restore the values that have been lost.
That will be done by influencing the stream of information.
The minister of finances can sack the journalists that don't fit in the new policy.
The broadcasting organisations are supposed to become: "national cultural institutions."
The new policy entails also limiting the availability of international papers.

I wonder how long it will take before they act like countries like China, which block the participation in social media and block the accessibility of blogs.

Interfering with the media has been a subject of discussion in The Netherlands too, even though the discussion has been rather silent.
The TV senders have been organised in a way the minister wants. It was quite easy, because enormous financial cutbacks forced the media organisations to review their programming.
Different organisations were forced to cooperate, which caused a diminishing of variability. The Buddhist Broadcasting Organisation has no media time anymore, and is forced to cooperate with a few other religious organisations.
The minister spoke about: "cultural relevance for the people", "having cultural value" and at the same time allowed the most stupid quizzes without any cultural content.

We're moving into a time of new gadgets to be overpowered by information and at the same time governments are taking back or are withholding their financial support to diversity disappears.
This opens the door to manipulation and sanctioning criticism.

I don't like this.

Google friend connect. Read this!!!

I've found this at my blog.
What a pity!


In 2011, we announced the retirement of Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites. We made an exception for Blogger to give readers an easy way to follow blogs using a variety of accounts. Yet over time, we’ve seen that most people sign into Friend Connect with a Google Account. So, in an effort to streamline, in the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes that will eventually require readers to have a Google Account to sign into Friend Connect and follow blogs.

As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count.

We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.

We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.

Posted by Michael Goddard, Software Engineer

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday 5-1-2016 news

Ofcourse the weather was a subject on the news.
Icerains had forced the north of the country to a standstill.
No busses, no trains, schools closed.
Just when I told one of the kids that we used to go to school in the past, on old ice-skates, they showed people skating on the streets.
Tonight we can get icerains too.
A huge weather alarm has been issued for this area, a moderate for the area south of us.
I don't long for icerains, but I would love to walk in the snow.
Bought rubber boots this summer, so I'm waiting....

I'm not waiting for what happened in Keulen.
During the new years fireworks and celebrations more than hundred women were attacked, robbed and violated in front of the railwaystation by large groups of arabic men. Assumed moslim fundamentalists who wanted to teach women a lesson.
Yesterday 60 women registered at the police and today more came to tell their stories. It also happened in a few other German cities.

So I had a goo talk with the girls and taught them some interesting ways to make sure they've got DNA to hand over to the police in case they're attacked.

There were also some nice events today due to the fact that the TV news exists 60 years.
Old reporters read the news, each hour another person.
So strange to realize that they were so familiar I had to remind myself that this is special. Some of these people belong so close to my life.

So it was an interesting day, even though I didn't feel well.

Monday, January 4, 2016

MGM 2016 bloggers 1: birds

Mondag, Good Morning, dear readers.

This morning I was amazed by a large blackbird, landing on the basket that is hanghing beside the front door.
It's hanging from an old-fashioned shop upholder and attached to the upholder is a fatball with seeds.

To be honest: it's meant for the little birds, finches and such, that fly around and have fun in the sun.
Two years ago they kept me in good moods when I was back from a long hospital stay, after my heart almost caused my death.
Last year they enjoyed the fatball until summer and in autumn didn't return.

It was such a strange autumn and the winter was even worse. All december we had top-record temperatures. No frost at all and the birds had enough food in nature. They didn't need extra fat and seeds, because there was enough.

But with the arrival of 2016 winter arrived.
The nights are colder, and the days are gloomy and dark.
Right now it's looking very grey and it feels like crawling on the couch with a large fleece blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.

I simply sat on the couch with a bit of coffee, thinking how I could clean the coffee machine to get a decent cuppa without one little drop of vinegar in the house.
And there the blackbird was...

For over 10 minutes he sat there eating vigorously.
I expect we'll get some winterweather the next days.
Well, I've got a large fleece blanket with santa and...birds, and a large mug, and chocolate.
And lots of fatballs for the birds.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

117 euro!! Instead of 12.

Last month my daughter bought contact lenses.
Because she had some money returned by the insurance and because she had a voucher, there was nothing but 0.00 on the bill.
Only the fluids needed had to be paid.

The lenses didn't arrive and she went to the shop over and over again, until the last day of the year.
We went there, because she had to work, and we were happy for her that her lenses had arrived.

Without further thoughts a total of 117 euro was paid.

When she arrived home she was happy with the lenses, but nearly had a heart attack when she heard we paid as much as 117 euro.

She explained the whole issue to us and went there at saturday, to undo the mistake made by the shop.

She was told they couldn't do anything, because of the change of years and she had to manage the problem herself.


I did it for her today. Wrote the national bureau of them a very clear mail, stating the problem and that we were flabbergasted that we had to solve the problem ourselves, as we think the shop should have taken it out of our hands. They made the mistake!!

Now it's waiting for their reaction.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The day after new year

Everybody is longing for a normal life again.
So we tried to act "saturday".

It didn't work.

We overslept.
That means: I was awake half of the night, turning and turning again, messing up the sheet and turning the fleece blanket 3 times around it's axis. I woke up the daughter that needed to be in time for work, fell half asleep, and was up and around at 9.
So I decided to get into the right rhythm and ate a banana and took my pills.... and went to bed again.
Slept until past 12!!! And had to wake up the others.

One of the sons wanted to go shopping with us, so we called him. He'd been waiting for the call for hours. Then my daughter stood in the doorway. She was back from work. They'd let her go because it was far too quiet in town and none came in the shop. (She works in a bread restaurant).
She told that on her way to work a bit of snow was on the bridge. Just a tiny bit. Well, that's news after a december with only record high temps.

So we went to Germany to get some groceries.
It's easier for us to go to Germany, because we live near the border, than to go to town, where the parking is far too expensive and the shops are not what we need.

We had a good time in Germany, even though we didn't find anything special, just the usual stuff, and we had a nice little meal with my favorite bread, meat and vegs.

When we arrived home the TV didn't work.
Turned out the mister of the house had dropped the remote and had tried to regulate the TV by using the buttons at the side.... Ohhhh... who tells me that all men are technicians doesn't know him.
As my talents are remoter than the remote control, we had to call the son who was most nearby....

He fixed it, put in another cable, and the TV is better now than before, with all the senders at different numbers.
I like the fun of change.... but some others....

The rest of the evening was quiet...


Friday, January 1, 2016

Sleigh Ride (1993)

Saturday 9:

1) Have you ever ridden in a sleigh?

No, not on a fancy one like Santa's.
But we call a little sleigh for one person a sleigh too. And then it's a large "Yes".

2) This recording is from Harry Connick Jr's best-selling CD, When My Heart Finds Christmas. This year, did you add any new holiday songs to your personal collection?

No, not at all.
But we didn't feel a lot like christmas, because we had a very warm december. Broke all records. No frost, nothing wintery at all.

3) Harry was born and raised in New Orleans, a city that seldom sees snow. Have you had enough snow to shovel so far this winter?

Not this winter.
And I missed it a lot.
maybe we'll get some in 2016.

4) Speaking of weather, Harry hosted a mini-series on The Weather Channel called 100 Biggest Weather Moments. Do you frequently check The Weather Channel?

It's a national illness to do so each day. :)

5) Harry's mother was a very impressive woman -- a lawyer, judge and Louisiana Supreme Court justice. Tell us about someone in your family of whom you're very proud.

My dad. he worked in the R.A.F. during the war.
And he was very loved at his work later.
He was a good dad.

6) Happy New Year! Now that Christmas is over, are you done with holiday music and decorations? Or are you sad to see the holidays end?

I'm just getting started. Bought quite some nice christmas decorations for just a few pennies after christmas, and as the season lasts until january 6th, three kings day, or at february 12th, the traditional end of the season... I'm OK.

7) The New Year's Eve fireworks celebration in Sydney, Australia is famous for coordinating pyrotechnics and music. Have you ever welcomed the New Year in another country?

No. I planned to go to London this year....will be next year?

8) Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for 2016?

Blogging again, and perhaps moving to a place of my own, with or without the girls.

9) Looking back on 2015, what surprised you?

I don't feel surprised by life as much as I used to.
What surprised me the most is how awful people behave towards people who fled from war.

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