Sunday, December 7, 2014

I fell

When I was a little girl I used to fall a lot, like many other children.
The main reason was that I was far too distracted by far too many things going on around me, and my brain was at the same time working at topspeed.
Falling over uneven tiles was part of the process.
My mother didn't like it at all, because often it meant I needed new trousers.

Today we had a very busy day.

I didn't sleep well. In fact I fell asleep when it was near 7 o'clock, just a few minutes before one of the girls had to wake up and my alarm told me it was up to me to get her out of her warm envelope in time.

At the end of the morning we had to fetch the oldest from the repaircafé where he volunteers.
While he was telling about his experiences with a TV crew (they recorded his activities for a special at christmas) we drove to Germany to get groceries.

I think that almost every dutch person from the area around the borders went there today. It was very crowded, but also very relaxed.
We managed to find the trousers son number 3 wanted, a blouse for number 4 and 2 for his dad. I found a cardigan. we even found a totebag for one of the girls.

It was already dark when we arrived in a small town to visit the christmas market.
I saw a few nice things, but we didn't buy anything.

Then the oldest asked us to come to his home because he wanted to cook for us.
That was nice, but I got far too tired.
Going home was a bit unpleasant because the roads were white and there were thick patches of fog.

At home we needed to unload the car. I said I'd bring the bags to the door, and then someone else could take them inside and yet another one could put the stuff away.
When I walked from the car to the door with the pile of clothes I fell.

Ofcourse I felt kind of silly and stupid.
My trousers were scraped, and my knees bruised and one was bleeding badly. But not bad enough that we couldn't handle it ourselves.
Later I found out that I'd hurt one of my wrists too.

So my falling was rather effective. LOL!

The last time I fell was a few years ago when we were on a daytrip with the bagpipeband.
That time I didn't hurt myself.
Now I will have to deal with the wounds and the pain for a couple of days. Ugh.



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