Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ballet performance at the academy

Yesterday we went to the ballet performance of one of the girls.
She wants to become a ballet dancer but it's very hard to get through the auditions, so I told her that she might apply to become a ballet teacher.
She was admitted immediately to the pre-classes in which pupils get the chance to adjust to academy life and teaching methods and train in the subjects that are part of the real academy courses.

She loves the classes to bits and yesterday was the first time we had the chance to see a real performance of her group and some groups from the advanced students.

It started in an alternative way: we had to wait in the canteen until we were fetched and then we walked to the theatre, watching performances on our way.
The building is a very open one, with lots of glass.

The first performance we saw was situated on a bridge between two parts of the building. We were standing outside and the dancers were inside.
Great idea, but the dancemoves itself were very uninspired and boring.

Then we went inside and dancers performed in the hall below us, and on the stairs in front of us.
We couldn't see a thing.
I'm beyond the stage of feeling stupid at such an occassion, but I saw it as an illustration how much they submerged themselves in developing a dance and forgot that there was an audience.
I heard from others that the word "dance" was not right for running to and fro, and sitting on the stairs making rhythmic noises with voice and their hands on the stairs.

In the theatre I got the usual place.
Isn't it strange I find myself on the same pace as so many years before?

I saw some familiar faces among the teachers, some of them even greeted me friendly.
But it felt a bit strange to be there as a visitor and not as someone who belongs to the world of the academy.

My daughter and her group did very well.
Their teacher gave them all the creative freedom he could give after he explained about composition and they sure could handle the freedom.
They didn't use the movements that are most used at the academy at the moment, so the ballet felt fresh anyway. But they were also very original.

Even the more advanced pupils were not able to catch our attention as much.

I was also happy to see a lot of improvement in her movements and she radiated self confidence.

So when we went home we all were very happy to have seen the performance.



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