Sunday, June 23, 2013

Livin' on a Prayer

1) This song tells the tale of Tommy, who works on the docks, and Gina, who works in a diner. Where do you work?

After what has happened the past weeks I'm not alloweed to work at all.

2) Jon Bon Jovi has said that he and Frank Sinatra are distant relatives. Tell us about one of your relatives.

The famous Erasmus is part of our family tree.

3) Jon and his high school sweetheart tied the knot in Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, and they remain married today. When you were in school, who did you fantasize about marrying? Where is that person today?

I was engaged to be married, but he went to study at another part of the country, so we hardly saw each other.
We broke up.
He married with a woman with many musical qualities. he lived now in the north of the country. he took over the business of his brother after the wonderful guy sadly died far too young.

4) The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation is devoted to supplying local food pantries and helping rebuild neighborhoods hit by natural disasters. Here's your opportunity to give a shameless plug to a charity you support.

I'm collecting money for an autism house annex caretaker's house.

5) Jon is often complimented on his hair. What's the most recent compliment you've received?

That O look so young the doc thought I had small children.

6) Everyone talks about their favorite vacation spots. But, since Sam is crazy, she wants to hear about a place you visited that you wish never to return to.

Can't be of help. Sorry.

7) When was the last time you played cards with an actual deck (as opposed to on your computer)? What game was it?

I hate playing cards, so I can't answer the question. But I was aksed to play cards just a week ago by an old man in hospital.

8) Do you bite your nails?

No. Inless one breaks and leaves a sharp edge.

9) Where are you as you answer these 9 questions? What's the view from where you sit?

In a corner between bookcases. On the shelf above the computer a small gnome is hanging, and a felt star. At the desk is a buddha statue, a prayer wheel and a few nice stones. And my glasses.

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