Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spiders and boys

Haha, when you think the boys catch spiders for me, you're wrong.
200% wrong!

It's me who catches the spiders for them.

Yes, that's strange.
I'm afraid of spiders and still I have to put an old shoe on them and send them off to a next life.

We need a spider trap here. A good one.
Preferably one without poison, because I don't want to kill anything else or make the kids ill.
So one with glue, but without me having to take the spiders away from the glue.

Yesterday evening I was ready to go to bed when the third son came in looking like he'd seen the devil in person.
Near the door of his hobbyroom, so outside in the garden, on the wall, sat a spider.
A large one.
I still get the shivers when I think back. It scared me to bits.

Still I had to take all my courage and tell it goodbye forever and hit it with an old shoe.

Why an old shoe? Because the sole is flat and the spider can't grasp the thing and cling to it.

Oh, the idea of bringing thát spider into the room.... NO!

So when people tell me I'm lucky with so many kids I think about their lack of courage when it concerns spiders.

So I'll get us a spider trap. A safe one.


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