Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry in music on a guitar

Music has always been of main importance in my life. Apart from ballet and later ofcourse my family.
Quite some people have created some wonderful memories with me.

One of those people popped up on TV a few weeks ago.
It was fun to see him. he was singing and sounded just like "in the old days."
I found him in the social media and commented on his singing and looks.
It was like he'd never changed, even though life sure hasn't been easy in the meantime.

Unlike me he never took his life in another direction. He sounded a bit ashamed. But I feel it's not up to me to comment on that. He wanted to explain and asked me to drop in.

I did.
It was like stepping back in time and into a world of the past.

One large wall in his livingroom was decorated with guitars.
A good gibson firebird caught my eye and made me smile.
"If you'd lived my life you'd never been able to have that one on the wall and use it to make music", I said.

Later he said that that remark made him feel at peace with the most important choice in his life: to dedicate everything to music.

Ofcourse he played his latest compositions for me.
Using such a gorgeous instrument adds a whole panorama of feelings to the music and text.
From rough rock to delicate melodies, it sounded all so much more... ripened.
He's one of the few people who can write poetry in music on a guitar.

We all live different lifes, and he thought mine would be more important because of the children.
Ofcourse we can give the new generation children. We have to.
But we also need to give them the arts, otherwise people won't get in touch with their inner self and their inner beauty.

We parted with the promiss to meet again when he's back in my country after a large world tour.
We'll be a bit older then, but still appreciating the best instruments and music.



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