Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

It's the day after remembrance day, so freedom day.

Last year we went to the national concert in Amsterdam, which was very special to me, because the Queen waved to me personally, much to the delight of the people around me.

This year we decided not to go.
We expected too many people there as we have a new King and queen.
But when we heard our former Queen would be there we felt a bit left out and stupid not to go.
Well, we watched it on TV and it was not as nice as last year.
Quite unexpected the concert ended too early.
I guess it was done on purpose for safety reasons and to enable people to leave the city in time.

Next week I will tell more about the new King.

Life is a bit busy here.
Spring has finally started, so there needs to be a lot done in the garden.
I don't really mind...

And next week one of my daughters starts her final exams.
She has a reasonably well basis for compensation, but ofcourse she's not the best in all subjects.
Dyslexia has been interfering a lot this year, as we expected.

The other lady to be needs to study again. Pathology at the moment.
Not her favorite subject. She likes to take it a bit easy.
So I sat down with her and explained a lot and tried to find out what she already knows and where the blancs are.
Let's say I'll ask her a lot the next days what all those difficult words mean.
I feel very lucky I know them well, so there's no escape for her. She needs to know it all when she really wants to become a nurse.

But today is a day off and they went to celebrate with a group of friends.


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